Monday, July 21, 2008

My God is a show-off...and I love Him for it.

God glances down from His heavenly throne, smiles, and starts fulfilling the words He spoke long ago over two peoples' lives. He acts with divine orchestration to work out a plan that no mind could conceive. The two people see a little 'darkness' over their minute self-made plans. God sees it as a divine opportunity to get some glory. For then they will know, that the LORD their God is God, and 'nothing is too difficult for Him.'

Scene one
Character Me and my circumstances --> haven't seen my man in 2 months
--> finishing up Hebrew I (loved it - even more than
--> can't wait to see my man visit on Friday
Character man and his circumstances --> haven't seen his woman in 2 months
--> whirlwind travel schedule
--> can't wait to come visit woman in Boston
Scene two:
Character man and character me realize the airplane ticket is too expensive if they plan to do such things like eat and pay their cell phone bills in the future. Dern it....Airplanes are dumb :(

Scene three:
Character me --> tries to put on her 'big girl panties' and just deal with it
--> couldn't find those
--> spends a lot of quality time on the carpet with her Jesus
--> sad heart; in-love heart aches much
Character man --> does his best to support and encourage and understand slightly hormonal woman in the far away land of Boston

Scene four:
Character me --> desperate and unashamed to beg to her God, pleads for a miracle

Scene five:
Character man --> wonders if a double-doozie cookie from the Great American Cookie Company would help woman.
Character me --> tells him not even those would help...she misses her man (Character man gasps in shock at the severity of the situation!)

Scene six:
Character man --> receives a check in the mail Thursday morning from a mutual couple of friends of ours to bless us in hopes of making a visit possible
Character woman --> receives an email from a fellow GTech sorority sister Thursday evening making it possible for character man to receive a Delta buddy pass
Both characters - can't believe their friends...wonder if they will ever know how their obedience unto the Lord to give blessed our hearts. Surely not...

Scene seven:
Character me --> cries, laughs, screams, and sits down in her hall for a while
--> marvels at a God of such mercy
--> humbled at the blessings He as a Heavenly Father longs to lavish when
we walk obediently to the difficult things to which He calls us
--> supposed to be studying for her Hebrew final she has the next morning
--> can't concentrate to study hardly because she's too excited
--> can't sleep because she's still in awe of her God and anxious to see a
'second' love
--> recognizes the blessing of the presence of the Body even more

Scene eight: Character Me picks Character Man up at the Boston airport and jumps into his arms -- be still my heart -- thy love is here! -- Curtains close

Trust in Him with all your heart siestas. He is jealous to be your Only passion and love. I rejoice with you over the ways, even the difficult ones, in which He makes sure He is the One who receives all the glory and praise in your lives. I just started back to class this week, so I'll seek to catch up with you more by the end of the week. Love each of you!