Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hello lovely ladies!

This is Mandy again, Matron of Honor Extraordinaire, even though I'm no substitute for your beautiful and beloved Shelly. She'll be back. Eventually. Probably sometime in March or April. After a two-week honeymoon (yes. two - count them - TWO), and then all the post-wedding nesting that will take place. Thank you cards. etc etc etc. Oh yeah, and spending time with Nate.

I wanted to ask a favor of you ladies that Shelly loves so much. (Did y'all know that she has mentioned some of you by name to me before? She thinks of you more than you realize...)

Anyway, back to the favor!

This is the two week mark - February 14th is fast approaching. They finally found an apartment and Shelly moved in this past week. (I heard through the grapevine that the location isn't the best, even though the apt has a HIGH cute factor rating.)

Anyway, back to y'all! :)

I wanted to invite you to give Shelly some last minute advice before her big day - but, I'm asking for a very specific focus to your advice... Since her head is swimming with to-do lists, could your advice be focused in the direction of how Shelly can STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS over the next two weeks?

Something like this: Shelly, I know your head is swimming with information, and you have LOTS to accomplish over the next two weeks, but I think a great way for you to stay focused would be by _______________.

She'll be reading these comments via email, as they'll be sent directly to her (and me) - and it's my Matronly duty to make sure she pays attention.

Ok ladies! I'm looking forward to what you'll offer Shelly.