Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Happy Couple

Moving Day

Hi. I'm sad to report the news that I'm not Shelly. But, don't panic, I've been given permission - as a part of my list of "Matron-of-Honor" duties - to keep y'all updated on the next few months of Shelly's life.

My name is Mandy.

On behalf of Shelly, I want to apologize for her lack of attention to this blog... Let's just say that her energy has been well-focused ELSEWHERE: Wedding plans, classes, world-traveling fiance', etc etc. I'm sure you ladies understand!

I just said goodbye to my BFF. This time a boy has stolen her, and I have a feeling he's not gonna give her back.

Yes. Today is moving day.
They packed up.
Drove away.
Headed south for the winter... and the rest of their lives!

The past few days have been a whirlwind for her... Nate (still worn out from his most recent bout with Malaria - long story) arrived on Saturday, and slept while Shelly finished her last exegesis paper. (I'm not sure what an exegesis paper is. You can ask my husband. He's a student at this seminary as well. All I know is that they are HARD to write.. So, yes, 20 pages in 8 hours is nothing short of a miracle!)

(And we properly gave Him praise for getting her through the paper so quickly.)

The rest of her time this week has been spent saying goodbyes. LOTS of goodbyes. Complete with tears and hugs and more tears. Last night at dinner, Shelly recounted that Nate even cried. He agreed, saying he cried because all her friends took so stinking long to say goodbye!

(Nate's a funny one, yes he is. And, bless him, he's wrapped around her little finger.)

The packing and leaving part has been rather... tense. But, she only yelled at him once. Good thing he knows a stressed bride when he sees one!

(Speaking of. Y'all should see the way he adores her, even when she's a little, um, moody. The man is ruined for life. He needs prayer. Lots of it.)

There's no room for the iPod in this car. My best guess is that Shelly is gonna have to sit in his lap all the way home. We can't have that, now can we? ;)

Over the next few days they'll be wandering all over the eastern seaboard, eventually landing in Nashville, unpacking the car, and heading south for Christmas.

So, that's the latest - with more to come.

I can't make any promises about this blog once they tie the knot, but I can promise you, as Matron-of-Honor extraordinaire, that I'll give you a handful of updates AND a chance to bless Shelly over the next two months.

Well, according to Shelly: SEVEN weeks and two days, to be exact.