Friday, April 3, 2009

My wannabe friend

My name is fear. I'm not your friend.
But thank you for welcoming me my dear
for I easily invade your thoughts day and night
Paralysis my goal, no strength left for you to fight

I've many disguises, forms, and ways
And I'm often the cause when you disobey
I lie, exaggerate, distort, and repeat
Sowing me instead, you reap defeat

I'll pervade your heart, teaching you distrust
Your lack of authenticity thought to be a 'must'
Self-made walls keep all away
Life-giving Words ineffective held at bay

You've forgotten the foundation on which you stand
The unchanging, unshakable, Great I AM
For I am the god on your heart's throne
And to my delight, I rule not alone

My sister 'Worry', and my brother 'Fright'
My cousin 'Dread', my father 'What might...?'
Tirelessly help me remain in command
Fear is my name, your life I demand

I hope you allow me to stay quite awhile
For there is much I hope to taint and defile
Upon only this condition must I flee:
When you believe His tabernacled Spirit of Truth, choosing Him over me.