Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hanging up my cape

I'm not Superwoman. Nope.

Throughout the week, I long to connect with my siestas. I long to pour my heart out on these url-tagged pages in typical long-winded fashion over my dear Jesus. I ache when I cannot seem to find the time to express the beatings of my heart.

But for this season, I can't seem to make it happen. I have a new job that I started about a month and a half ago that requires me to rise and shine at 5:15. I jog after work (for a number of reasons) and don't get home until 7:15'ish pm. Thus, by the time I eat dinner with my dear man, shower and prepare for the next day, it's time for yours truly to hit the bed for some needed beauty rest again. Grin.

It's all I can do to keep up with the laundry, my house, a phone call or two to my immediate family, a text or two to my near and dear buddies here in Nashville and my church world. There are a list of things that I have had to take off my beloved to-do list for this season because I simply cannot maintain the unrealistic expectation that I can be Super-wife, Super-employee, Super-daughter, Super-sister, Super-friend, Super-stay fit and eat well girl and Super-blogger (to name a short few). I'm not much of a Superwoman at all actually.

In the sleepy hours of the early mornings, I cry out first to be God's alone. He's my Hero, and as I see it, that's all I really need anyway. Anything else as a need in my life must be an overflow of His Spirit working in me.

For His superior reasons alone and for His glory, I can't write as I would like to right now. I feel like I'm not fully alive when I can't, but I trust Him.

If any of you have some wisdom about juggling the demands of this life we live, I'll gladly receive it and take it to the Throneroom to ponder. Until then, know that I love you dearly and think of you frequently during my week, even in the early hours of a day while the stars are still twinkling in the sky.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nate the great


I've got so much to catch you up on, but I don't know quite where to begin. I've got some Jesus thoughts, some new temporary job thoughts, some of my recent birthday thoughts, and some pouting thoughts that I'm not in Houston this weekend for the Scripture Memory Celebration :)

I got a recent spirit reminder to 'be diligent' (it was a loving command, but a mighty strong one), so here I am, hoping to discuss each of the above mentioned topics throughout the next couple of weeks. But to start things off, I just wanted to invite you to join me in prayer for my husband as he leaves for Thailand tomorrow for two weeks. He and his business partner (Stephen Proctor) are going to lead visual worship at a conference as well as serve those who have labored for the Gospel in Asia, many in 'closed countries.' [Nate will also be doing some live art at the conference like he is able to do at the Deeper Still events...I'm his biggest fan when he does those things. Actually, a total dork about it. Grin].  It is usually a time of intense joy and spiritual battle for them as they take hold of this privilege. Below, is a short letter from Nate about the trip. And below his letter is a link that shows a short video from Stephen. I humbly beseech your prayers upon them and upon the thousands who will be gathered together for one purpose - His Name and His Reknown.

Hey friends,

I find it extraordinary that we continue to find ourselves in an international terminal headed to various nooks and crannies of the earth. It’s still hard to reconcile the fact that I couldn’t love more what we do and the continual clear leading of the Lord to do it! For however long we are allowed to keep engaging with people around the world we are going to do it, and I wish all of you could come along! 

It continues to be so clear that God is present and working all over the globe! It’s often tempting to think that when we go to foreign countries in any sort of missions capacity we are somehow bringing God to that place. The more we travel and see our lives woven together with men and women of other cultures, we discover crystal clear evidence that God is fluent in every language; He knows the nuances of every culture, He speaks to anyone who will listen. He is there when we get off the plane and He is there when we leave no matter how spiritual we feel we’ve been! 

Soon, we’ll be headed back to Thailand and Hong Kong. We’ve already got so many friends over there. People who are passionate about their pursuit of the Lord. Our desire is to take a few steps with them and perhaps encourage them a bit along the way. As much as it would be wonderful for all of you to be along with us, we know that isn’t possible, so we’ll do our best to give you a window into their world. Please pray for us. We need it all the time. 

Love you guys,

Love y'all,

Friday, January 8, 2010


My sweet sisters,

I wanted to check in and let you know that I'm alive! Nate and I have been hiding, so I've not been on the computer in about a week. I've been sitting still, both physically and spiritually. Rest...sweet sweet rest. And time for two lovebirds to have some long overdue extended face time together.

There have been some messy events happening around he and I recently. Life really. Not really over our own personal lives, but over some of our dearest loved ones. Just the pure difficult reality of life. The battle is fierce and unrelenting. And so is the purpose of our God for His people and His glory.

I'll reconnect here in blogworld with you soon. But as I thought about you in the dwindling days of our vacation, I wanted to leave you with a youtube clip. It's a prayer, rooted in the African American spoken word, which I love. I was actually present at this church during its evening of worship back in 2001. The Spirit used her words to alter me and I have not forgotten them. I pray their power and life still you in your busy day and cause your heart to seek His face.

Psalm 27:8 "My heart says of you, 'Seek His face!'
                 Your face, LORD, I will seek."