Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hanging up my cape

I'm not Superwoman. Nope.

Throughout the week, I long to connect with my siestas. I long to pour my heart out on these url-tagged pages in typical long-winded fashion over my dear Jesus. I ache when I cannot seem to find the time to express the beatings of my heart.

But for this season, I can't seem to make it happen. I have a new job that I started about a month and a half ago that requires me to rise and shine at 5:15. I jog after work (for a number of reasons) and don't get home until 7:15'ish pm. Thus, by the time I eat dinner with my dear man, shower and prepare for the next day, it's time for yours truly to hit the bed for some needed beauty rest again. Grin.

It's all I can do to keep up with the laundry, my house, a phone call or two to my immediate family, a text or two to my near and dear buddies here in Nashville and my church world. There are a list of things that I have had to take off my beloved to-do list for this season because I simply cannot maintain the unrealistic expectation that I can be Super-wife, Super-employee, Super-daughter, Super-sister, Super-friend, Super-stay fit and eat well girl and Super-blogger (to name a short few). I'm not much of a Superwoman at all actually.

In the sleepy hours of the early mornings, I cry out first to be God's alone. He's my Hero, and as I see it, that's all I really need anyway. Anything else as a need in my life must be an overflow of His Spirit working in me.

For His superior reasons alone and for His glory, I can't write as I would like to right now. I feel like I'm not fully alive when I can't, but I trust Him.

If any of you have some wisdom about juggling the demands of this life we live, I'll gladly receive it and take it to the Throneroom to ponder. Until then, know that I love you dearly and think of you frequently during my week, even in the early hours of a day while the stars are still twinkling in the sky.


Anonymous said...

I stood at my kitchen window yesterday and wondered what was going to happen with this little corner of the blogosphere.

My heart resonates with your heart that you just don't have the time. But it make me sad/mad. Makes me wanna shake my fist at heaven and demand to know why life is as it is for you right now, Shelly.

You are faithful to walk out what He has given you - more faithful than most - and definitely more faithful than me. Which makes me love you all the more.

I just wish it didn't have to be this way right now.

Kristen said...

Periodically I check your blog to see what you are up to...
Dear girl, the only wisdom I have on how to juggle our life this side of heaven is this... pray, and let God give you the discernment as to what is most important. This girl from Indiana sees that you are doing just that. I too don't seem to have as much time to pour out my heart, my stories... HIS stories in blogland, but alas I too haven't had as much time. This winter might prove differently as my career is always slow in the winter (sigh). Real Estate has been tough for a few years... but this winter looks a bit tough. But God will provide... I can only trust in my fearful times and He always sees me through. Taking care of my hubby, hearth and home, working out, work... it all takes time and I trust the Lord to guide my priorities and pray I don't neglect things I should not neglect!
It was lovely to read a snippet from your sweet heart. I pray you and Nate are settliing well into married life. My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage last month... believe me... those years have flown by, have been full of ups and downs, and have been wrapped with the loving arms of Jesus! We truly are blessed!
God bless you sweet one as you journey with Him!
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Miss your writing...;)