Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi, my name is blondie

Siestas, ladies, gentlemen, and fellow-lurkers,

Let me invite you into my mental state and life right now. In case you haven't figured this out by now, I'm a nerd at heart. Which means, bless me, I tend to not be the sharpest box in the crayon when it comes to common sense. I love biochemistry, but couldn't tell you how to convert a basic measurement if my life depended on it. It's pitiful...really pitiful. So, this is my first Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 'I am a first year student' embarrassing moment. You know the kind where you dream you've fallen down the classroom stairs or walked into the wrong room on the 1st day? Well, classes haven't even started, and 'blondie' here has managed to start the season of embarrassing first year moments.
It went something like this:
On my first day here, I received this to be able to access my dormitory room:

Yes. That's right. The 2 keys, the plastic item that says 'To Mailroom: Return to Campus Police," and the key ring which they were both on.
I have spent much of my time the last day and a half getting lost while trying to find this room or that room that I needed to sign this form or that form in. I have dropped off paperwork, picked up paperwork, and gone to and fro through the office buildings of this campus. So, on my 'to-do' list today was to kindly return this little plastic item on my key ring as it had so kindly suggested. I was a little confused if I was to take it to the Mailroom or our Campus Police seeing as that is where it seemed it would eventually be returned to. Soooo, I decided to be the nice girl that I am and save the sweet Mailroom employees the hassle of having to send it to the Campus Police (that just didn't make much sense to me anyway).

Off I go to return this plastic item to the Campus Security Office. Bummer...their office is closed. Oh well, I can just go back to the Mailroom and turn it in to the two sweet young men down there.

I return back to the Mailroom where I've already made my 1st year self obvious seeing as I had to ask them where the outgoing mail drop box was. And here is where it got worse (in case you haven't gotten it at this point).

Me: (in my nicest Southern charm demeanor because it's about all I have left at this point): Uhmm....Excuse me sir, I think I'm supposed to turn this into you. I...uh...guess y'all need them because it says "To Mailroom" on them here (points to the plastic item).

This is how I have walked up to this Mailroom Man. With this in my hand...
Young Mailroom man: (takes the plastic item from my hand and starts rotating it in his hands a bit)....(stares back at me a little confused).
Me: (not sure why he looks so bewieldered....hmm....)
Me:Oh! Sir, I'm so sorry. Mmm...You probably want the key-ring that the plastic item was on too don't you?! (begins to work on removing the key ring from the other set of key rings I have). I'm so sorry.
Young Mailroom man: (now just staring back at me trying to understand). What????
Me: (he's clearly confused) You see sir, I received this (holds up the key ring paired with the 2 keys and plastic item) the 1st day that I got here so I could move into my dorm! But I've moved in now almost and figured I should return to you the plastic item as it says 'To Mailroom' on it and it makes sense for you to have the key ring too! Give me just a second to finish getting it off my other ring, it's no problem!
Young Mailroom man's buddy who's been listening walks up by this point because clearly I'm creating a scene...
Young Mailroom man:
(in his most nice voice) "Uhm...well...You see...I think that - uh - you actually keep that on your key ring - in case - you ever loose your keys. Because then they'll just - be returned - 'To the Mailroom' - and the Campus Security can uh - get them back to you."
Me: (then immediately realizing the purpose of the plastic item on my keyring and feeling the heat of embarrassment come to my face). Ohh... (barely making eye contact now) Riiiight. M'kay. Yes. That would make sense. Well, clearly I have just experienced my first year new student embarrassing moment for the week, so please be sure to tell your buddies because I am sure it would really be worth laughing over. (turns and quickly leaves the room).

All the southern charm in the world couldn't redeem this 'blonde' moment. I went and told my bff Mandy immediately after it happened. After we had nearly fallen on the floor from laughing, she said "Shelly! That is the stupidiest thing I have ever heard!" LOL...I think I have to agree.

So now you know why I have yet to post anything about my word from the Lord here lately. I would be the biggest stumbling block to His voice in this current mental state that I'm in, I am sure that I would be citing the NT when I would need to be citing the OT and I would leave everyone in a tizzy! Here's to seeking Him first straight through His living and active Word; Here's to the incredible mind-blowing privilege of sitting before Him and waiting for Him to speak without reading about Him through another's words. Go to Him siestas - He is sitting right in front of you :)

I'll get back with you soon. When I can remember to use an umbrella during the rain outside :)


Teri said...


Shelly, you sweet thing, I just really like you! A woman who can laugh at herself is a woman I like to know! You rock!

Heather B said...

I just love you! This made me laugh...hard.

lorisue said...

So this lurker had to come out of hiding.....that is TO FUNNY :) I have loved reading about your journey. I am praying for you as you start this new chapter in your life. Praying that the Father draws you so close that you don't even miss sweet tea :) and that he brings you "in person" friends that you can have fun with. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

mandy said...

i still love you!!!
and its STILL funny!!!!!!!
you've only been here 3 days and you've already made my world much more fun!

connorcolesmom said...

I am cracking up at you!!
However I must confess I would have done the same thing!!
I think us southerners are so willing to be helpful we turn blonde sometimes :)
Love ya,

Boy & Girl said...

I have tears in my eyes because I am laughing so hard. And I have to totally admit being the blonde that I am that I'm sitting here reading this going good for you girl...you do what that card says!

Sarah said...

Oh, Shelly. That is sooo funny! I'm laughing with you...not at you. :-) And the pictures made the whole story even cuter!!

Lisa said...

Oh, Shelly - I just love you. Hey, who'd a thunk it?? Looks to me like they coulda told you that in the first place.
You just keep smiling, honey. Write all this stuff down and maybe you can publish it someday.

Amanda said...

Bless your heart! You need to sit down and have some hot tea and just chill.

The Preacher's Wife said...

if it makes you feel any better, my first thought was 'why did they give her the keys to the mailroom and how did she get in her dorm?"

hang in there girl...change is, well, change but all will be home before you know it...i know you and mandy are having a blast!

much love,


p.s. You going to Deeper STill??

kittyhox said...

You're so cute!

Haven't you ever seen the Tiffany's key rings that are engraved in a similar fashion? I guess not... ;)

I have had more "d'oh!" moments than I would ever have time to share!

In six weeks time you'll be all settled in, feeling much more comfortable, and ready to enjoy the beautiful New England fall weather.

Bless you, Siesta!!

jennyhope said...

i knew that was coming! I am trying to finish up my last course in my MT classes, start a new bible study, be a mommy, love my man, and deal with a plethora of family issues so how about we both pray for each other...i am sort of in that same mental state. I had someone actually check my roots the other day. Too long to type that one. love you girl and I am praying!

Heather said...

That is GREAT ... HILARIOUS!!! I'm glad you are also able to laugh in the middle of the chaos in your life right now. YOu are covered in prayers!

mandy said...

i came back to see how many other women were cracking up over this! he he!!!!

Teal said...

i am dying laughing. mostly because that sounds like something i would do! at least its a good story!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Yea, that would have happened to me. No worries girl. My dad, and I know this is sad, sings this little song to me when I do something dumb. " Hello, my name is Angela, and my favorite colors clear."

See, I figure this, God made us smarter in other areas of life, anythingelse is just about how creative we are:)

I am sure I will have something stupid i did to share with you in a little bit :)

Fran said...

I bet our precious heavenly Father just loved your perseverance on this one...I see great things happening with that determination!!

You are doing GREAT!!

Xandra said...

LOL! LOL! Your post just gave me the best start to my day!!! Bless your heart...thanks for sharing with us!

jen said...

Oh man... I remember freshman year and not really knowing whether I was coming or going for at least the firs week. You'll get it down. :) At least now you know where both the mailroom AND the security department are. :) And you've gotten yourself a good bit of excersize with all that walking. :) See, always a silver lining! I'm praying for you Siesta.

Jen said...

Sweet Shelly,

Sadly, when you first showed the picture of the plastic thing, I was thoroughly confused. I think they needed to reword that. Like "If found, please return to..." or something like that. I wouldn't have understood it either!

Janelle & Ella said...

That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning.
You are so awesome! Thank you for sharing. You just got there and we already have exciting stories! Yea.

THE SMITHS said...

Hugs, lady!

jenny said...


You know I love you.

Kristen said...

Dearest Shelly...
I am so tickled...
I always use a line that I heard Beth use in a video study - I am blonder than I pay to be! LOL

My prayers are with you - I am so excited about the new chapter in your life and am waiting to see the wonder of Jesus in your experiences.
God Bless you little siesta!

Kelly S. said...

...."God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me." Genesis 21.6

You are so precious and I am thankful to laugh with you!

Linda said...

I am rolling. That is too funny!! Thanks for sharing and being "real" with the bloggy world.

Lindsee said...

Oh girl!

So, I've been a little behind on blogging lately since school has started, so I totally understand the mental state. But, I am glad I checked this today because I needed that laugh. A break in the already craziness.

I would have done the EXACT same thing. It confused me too.

Know that we are laughing WITH you and not AT you.

Hugs from Huntsville on this splendid Wednesday!


Toknowhim said...

Sadly, I did not figure out what you did wrong until the end.. this is something I would do also.. Blessings to you sweet thing!!

I can't wait to hear from you about all the things you will be learning at Seminary...

CrownLaidDown said...

You MUST know I have had the worst week so far...stress-filled and tears. My heads hurts from it all, then I opened your site to see how you are doing. I'll tell you what you are doing--giving this Siesta some medicine. I laughed like I haven't in several days. BLESS you, Shelly! I won't be selfish and think it was all for me, but laughter has benefitted the masses. Keep up the good work!
Love and prayers,

tammy.in.minn. said...

Hi Shelly,
I had to catch up on your entire trip today. I am so glad you made it to Mass. and your fist few experiences have been so normal! You make me laugh so much! I haven't been out of college that long, and I remember those first few months of starting school and my life consisted of standing in lines and feeling lost everywhere I went. Keep us posted on any other exciting adventures. God is SO good to us. Thank you for the reminder.


jennifer said...

Hi. I, too, am a recent Southern (Louisiana) transplant to the Boston area. I have been lost more times that I would like to count--at least once a day.

I miss sweet tea, and Blue Bell ice cream, and hearing yes ma'am and y'all.

I'll bet you can relate. But like you, I know that God has called me here. I am praying He will ease the homesickness that I have. It was SO NICE to be in Rhode Island last weekend and hear Beth's southern accent and her word from God that HE HAS GIVEN ME EVERYTHING!

I am assuming that means He has given me everything a Southern girl needs to survive in Yankee-Land!


Debra said...

This brought much joy to my night!

Emmy : ) said...

I LOVE it! God has put you on my heart SO much lately! I am SO glad you are there! Thanks for the sweet note! I am praying for you! Emmy : )

Sharon said...

You are a hoot.
We will forgive your brain fuzz since you have not gotten much sleep and your brain is having to process quite a lot a the moment.
We will allow you this one blond moment.
But you need to remember this---DON'T GIVE THE SOUTH A BAD NAME! You are representing us and we expect you to do us good. If not we might have to tell Daddy on you.
Yes, He expects good representation too----we know He does not do d.u.m.b.

Sorry I had to go there.
Love ya girl

The Cooke Family said...

That is too funny! You are great. I know God is going to continue to do great things in and through you while at seminary!

~Blessings to you!

jennyhope said...

Praying! praying and praying!!

jennyhope said...

when i was praying for you earlier i thought about what Teri said a while back. If it is Gods will it is Gods bill! I love that! Anyway, I am praying as you transition. The Lord has mighty things for you. you are so precious to Him. He loves you so much and I know how He is going to take you to yet another level of intimacy with Him as you get out of your comfort zone!

Joanne said...

Oh my gosh Shelly, That is so funny!!!!! Great story! Thanks for being so brave to share it. From one "true blonde" to another I totally understand (I hate to say it).
Love, Joanne from NH

Patty said...

I have been meaning to post on this!! Are you my daughter? I would have done the same thing. You are so funny!! Praying for you and still believing I am going to see you next week!!


Heather said...

How's it going in Bahston?

jennyhope said...

i almost had a shelly moment today when I was about to apply my perfume stick to my lips instead of my lip gloss. pretty scary but i have almost done it before and the perfume stick is Beautiful STRONG STUFF

Sacchiel said...

What a perfect story to laugh about. I probably would have taken it to City Hall to get the job done!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

and I love you guys:) thanks for the comment dear;) I didn't do Lifetime again all day, just one movie lol:)

I got sometime to sit and listen to non-stop Hillsong, and Oh girl, I needed it:)

Be Blessed:)


connorcolesmom said...

I saw on another post that you are going to SAn An next year!!
I am planning to make hotel reservations - you want me to reserve one for you?
I will be reserving about 10-20. My hope is to have all the siestas on one flor in the hotel - would that be fun or what!!
Much love,

Patty said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!
You have been on my mind over the last few days and I am checking in on you!! Have a fun day with Jesus!! I bet he gives you a delight today!!


Anonymous said...

this made me laugh so hard... and can i tell you that i was reading this thinking "that's exactly what i would have done." great minds think alike :) then again, i am blonde. i miss you tons and want to hear how things are going. thanks for being a continual encouragement to me in blog world. love you shel belle!

Shae said...

this made me laugh so hard... and can i tell you that i was reading this thinking "that's exactly what i would have done." great minds think alike :) then again, i am blonde. i miss you tons and want to hear how things are going. thanks for being a continual encouragement to me in blog world. love you shel belle!

p.s. i had to post this again b/c i accidentally registered as anonymous (sorry) see, told you i was blonde...ha!