Friday, September 21, 2007

Ladies and Siestas: May I Present to You Nate Griffin...

Shelly has given me (Mandy) the privilege and honor, as BFF extraordinaire, to write this most embarrassing post introducing her mysterious “friend” to y’all. And, this is an honor indeed!

He is tall.
He is dark.
He is handsome.
And (be not afraid!) he does not read this blog!

He’s a missionary’s kid – grew up on “the bush” of Papua, New Guinea (seen End of the Spear?)… He’s traveled all over the world and has landed in Nashville working in “the industry” with a heart for THE Church worldwide.

He also has a heart for Shelly (but that’s not so surprising, now is it?)! He’s charming. And he very much wants to lead this relationship in a godly and healthy way.


He’s co-owner of a rather unconventional, but highly successful, business in “the industry”. “G.I. Inc.” is a production company that produces live multimedia events ranging from concerts to conferences to films (that’s “the industry”). At the heart of this company is a desire to influence the resounding voices of our culture and the world at large. He’s incredibly talented and passionate, and jumps at the opportunity to serve the Church with the revenue and resources of his company. Interspersed among business trips are mission trips, secret meetings with persecuted pastors of East Asian house churches, and trips to see Shelly.

Nate loves the Word of God, and gushes at the fact that Shelly is in Seminary. (this is important, since she’s headstrong about finishing!) And, as an eye-witness, I can attest to the fact that he is SMITTEN. As he stated, when he’s around her he feels like a 5th grader who can’t find the right words to impress her. “She’s just amazing… amazing.”

[everyone say it with me: “awwwww… Bless his heart.”]


Oh, y’all…. Oh, THIS is a story y’all are gonna die over!

They met in the Spring at a Beth Moore Conference. He’s on the production team for Beth’s events! (Many of you have already found him and introduced yourselves to him at the LPL events! Which - by the way - he’s amazed every time because y’all tell him you’re one of Shelly’s blog sisters…and that you’re blessed by this blog that he’s NOT allowed to read! LOL!)

Anyway, at a conference shortly after that, Shelly saw him and re-introduced herself to him… BUT, as Nate put it, he’d already seen this beautiful girl and wondered how-in-the-world he could find some way to strike up a conversation with her. Next thing he knows, she’s walking up to him saying “I know you.” From there, he devised a way to have her and her friend (Abby) eat lunch after the event. Then, he just needed to find a way to get her phone number… And after that, he found LOTS of excuses to do business in Atlanta over the next few months. Yes, he chased her hard – even driving 8 hours out of his way to be in St. Simons with her one weekend in early summer.

From there the relationship has consisted of a LOT of phone calls, emails, pictures, and laughs.

And a trip to Boston to see her:

At the harbor where the Boston Tea Party occurred

Christ Church in the city of Boston where Paul Revere signaled for the hanging of two lanterns (which was to inform that the British were arriving by land and not by sea).

Paul Revere's grave

Nate and Shelly

Paul Revere's house - built in 1680

The 'Old State House' - the oldest in the city, built to house the government offices of the MA Bay Colony

Ship in the Charlestown Navyard with the USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Nate and Shelly eating lunch in some extremely historical place that she has now forgotten the name of ... oopsies!

B/c she felt it only right to share the fact that he has to take pictures of her, with you...

It made them laugh!

A Ben Franklin statue is actually above their heads, but the man taking the photograph kind of missed that part! lol

In Manchester Bay...a beautiful bay town

Manchester Bay


I like him.

*Disclaimer: My dearest siestas, You should know that my face is terribly red upon reading this myself! So I had to include some pictures of our time in the city of Boston that weren't just Nate and I, but some of the things we really did enjoy. :) In case you could care less about the relationship of a 24 year old, you could always enjoy the tourist shout-out I'm giving to my new 'home.' :)


mandy said...

don't y'all just think that last pic of the two of them is amazing!?!?

oh! its frame-worthy!!!

Heather said...

Sweet sweet words from your BFF. Great photos too ... and why is he not on your side bar?

What a wonderful relationship you have. We will pray for you guys as you continue to walk in the Way God is leading you!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! It's fun to be 'introduced' to your friend.

And I love that he's so thrilled you are in seminary! :-)

jennyhope said...

I have really been wanting to ask about all of this but did not know if i should broadcast it on blog land! Thanks Mandy!

Patty said...

What I love about this is this: I was in Boone, NC at Beth's LPM event and saw Shelly and Abby at this conference. They sat in front of me and we met each other, hugged each other and during break this is what I saw,,,, Nate talking with Shelly right beside me. Now, because I love to watch people and the fact that God has given me the gift of discernment I knew something was up! Abby was standing beside her and Nate never took his eyes off Shelly. She had his full attention and I thought that was just the sweetest, coolest thing I had ever seen. They look good together and I believe it is just a God ordained meeting that has turned into....all of this. I am so happy for both of them and I introduced myself to Nate at Deeper Still. I really believe this man is smitten!!

Love you Shelly!!!

lorisue said...

I loved getting "the scoop". Thanks for sharing :) Now we expect updates....

Is it so hard being that far away from him? I guess the real question is which is harder...being away from him or not having sweet tea? (LOL)

Fran said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! ya'll are completely adorable, precious, having fun, the cutest things i've seen! Just a darling post and loved gettin in on the scoop! Have a great weekend siesta!!

Debra said...

What a sweet and romantic story.

He seems like a really great guy! Go Shelly!

Debra said...

Shelly, by the way...i moved over to wordpress.

Come and see me

Amanda said...

Thank you, BFF, for the expose'! What an impossibly cute couple!

Fred McKinnon said...

Howz about a comment from a brotha! congrats! Next time ya'll are in SSI, if he can pass the test of me, chris, travis, david, jon, justin, steve, and jim kay ... I think he just might make it. HAHA. oh yeah, and we may have to video conferene Bo in from Africa.

Seriously - God lead you both in His divine destiny.


Kelly S. said...

Precious!!!! Thanks Mandy!!

You guys are so sweet, you won't even miss your tea (LOL). I am so happy for you Shelly!

Jen said...

Well it's about time :) Lindsee has been suspecting this and I am just thrilled! :)

Sharon said...

Girl, I am so happy for you!
Here is the Mom in me-----Take it slow. Listen to the voice of God.
I am reminded of the story of Elisabeth Elliot and her first husband.If you haven't read it--do so when you have time.It was amazing how God orchestrated their relationship.
I am pleased that he has a heart for God like you. Not that I would expect anything less from a man of your. :)
Praying for the Lord's leading.
Love ya girl!

jenny said...

Shelly... why have I not heard of this before??

Little Steps Of Faith said...

It is very sweet. And it gives us girls hope that in the midst of finding God and walking on the water with Him, we will eventually find our man:)

Be Blessed girl:)


Lindsee said...

My heart is oh, so happy for you, sweet Shelly! Glad to finally know the story! ;)

Lots of love,

Abby said...

abby approves :)

...and is so glad that she was in Boone that glorious day ;)

Boy & Girl said...

hands down the cutest couple! you better keep us posted girl!

connorcolesmom said...

That is the sweetest post from your BFF. I love details and Mandy was giving them - yeah!

The 2 of you are just adorable!
I look forward to seeing how things progress. God is so good!!
Much love,

Toknowhim said...

I was wondering who the mystery man was myself..I am so happy for you Shelly... You are a young woman after God's heart, and I am glad that God sent you a man that loves Him too.

Blessings sweet thing...

Lisa said...

Shelly - you are adorable together. I love the fact that he is a godly man - you deserve only the best.
Keep posting the pictures - they are wonderful.
Blessings and much love!!

The Cooke Family said...

I know I don't know you, but I have said before, that you will be the next Beth Moore. It may not be a coincidence that you have hooked up with this man of God who just may have an in. : )

All that is said somewhat in fun, but I just know God has great plans for you. He has given you a gift that will bless many!

p.s. I LOVE the Greek flashcards on our key chain!

Jackie said...

That is so sweet...ya'll are so cute together...and you are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! Girl, you are GORGEOUS!!!
Take care!

Teri said...

That is the best! Just loving it all!

Ang baylis said...

What an adorable couple!
I love a great love story!

Thanks to your BFF for a great post!
Angie xoxo

darla said...

What a rockin'BFF you have! girl friend what a darling beau you have too! I am so happy for you! Keeping you in my ya

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! You make such a great couple! Just beautiful!
Thanks Mandy for the heads up:)
I am so happy for you Shelly!!

kittyhox said...

Okay, I hope this doesn't sound weird. And keep in mind, I'm very married.

But that boy is sooooo good lookin'! Swoon!

You two would make the most gorgeous babies!
Wink, wink!


Emmy : ) said...

Precious! So romantic! He is SOOO cute too! (and WOW what about his Love for the LORD!) not to mention how beautiful you are inside and out! I can't wait to see what God has planned here! I am THRILLED for you two! That post made my evening! YEAH! Thanks Mandy! Emmy : )

Christina said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-)

Heather B said...

I can so picture your face when you read this! ha ha... Same face you had when you were filling Jon and I in on the scoop! I guess, it was more of a Jon-interrogation! lol You guys are adorable!

V said...

I love hearing how people met. This is a sweet story. It makes me want to share a story about my husband and I, so I am going to link back to you on my blog, referencing this post. Hope you don't mind!

Sacchiel said...

I concur, you two look very happy together!

Kristin said...

Hi Shelly! You don't know me, but I came across your blog from the LPM blog. I must admit I have been a bit of a lurker, but mostly due to technical difficulties, but I had to comment today. I love a good romance story, especially when it is completely orchestrated by God! Let me say he is one handsome guy and it sounds like he has a heart to match his good looks! I have been drawn back to your blog time and again. You are such a beautiful person both inside and out. Truly a light that shines for Him! I will stay tuned for I'm sure there's more to come... said...

GURL, GURL, know i love you both and I'm so excited/blessed to have a front seat in what God is doing with you and Nate. And gurl, God has given you both blessings in one another! I love you, roomie!

Liz said...

What a sweet story, thanks for allowing BFF to share! You all really do make a cute couple. :) It's so fun to hear how God brings people together. I pray that you two will continue to lean on the Lord and follow His leading in your relationship.

Excited to hear more as the story unfolds!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Because ya'll are so incredibly gorgeous, I felt compelled to come up with your celebrity couple name:

Nate+Shelly = Nelly


the bff said...


Lauren said...

You have a sweet friend! I'm loving this guy! At least a little because he and my husband have the same name. :) And yay for the Freedom Trail and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Lindsee said...

P.S. I just read the other comments, and I just had to laugh becuase I think it's funny that Jen and I talked about this relationship before we both knew it to be true!

I mean, we act like we know you or something!! I love it!

CrownLaidDown said...


I am so very very very very excited...and praying.
Love you sweet one...praying for your school and your Boston and your man...does he know what kind of blessed he is? Does he know you can drive a very big truck?? :)

Kristen said...

Simply Precious!
Thanks for sharing -
Praying for many, many more blessings as your relationship blossoms!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

OH how cool is that!
He sure seems like a keeper!

God bless girlfriend,


Lyndy said...

Great pictures and I loved learning more about your new friend.

Hope you are doing great.

Belle-ah said...

How completely sweet!

Tee said...

Great post!!!!! Loved hearing about the relationship and really enjoyed the photos of Boston, being the history lover I am. Have been to most of the places myself. Keep us posted. :-)

Leigh Gray said...

i love it!!! i am so excited for you. oh how God is blessing your obedience and consisitency in your life over the years!! wow girl - what out for more of His blesing falling right on top of you!!!

Love, Leigh

Janelle & Ella said...

Shelly, Y'all seriously could not be any cuter!! I'm so happy for you. Thank you for letting us in on that part of your life.
Oh yea, I read this post a couple of weeks ago and thought I had left a comment and then realized I hadn't yet. Sorry for the delay. :-)

Deedra said...

How sweet!!

Heather said...

Girl how are you? Hope life is great for you in the cold part of the world? Praying for you as you study!

jennyhope said...


i am going to drive you nuts but it would be great to get an update on you MIA! love you siesta!

Three Fold Cord said...

So excited for you Shelly. I read your blog often and I live in the ATL. i will conintue to pray for the Lord to lead you in His perfect way as you expperience this new relationship. You are so precious to Him and I am sure He has given you someone GREAT!(especially by the looks of it-hehe)

I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

Beautiful pictures! The pictures of you and Nate are wonderful.