Thursday, February 28, 2008

Current status: MIA

My faithful siestas who give grace to this unfaithful one!

I just wanted you to know why I'm pitiful as of lately! It's 8 degrees outside right now. And really, according to my southern genetic make-up, that alone is reason for me to be validly pitiful. (Not that I'm saying God isn't bigger than that! :) ).

Anyway, I want you to know that I think of you each throughout the week. I'm pretty sure the Lord calls nearly all of your crazy and fun blog names to my heart and mind as the days past, and I lift your sweet spirits before the Lord while He impresses a specific burden on my heart for you on occasion. I miss you like crazy. But you'll have to bear with me for a little while longer.

I'm taking 5 classes right now, and working nearly 20 hours a week. In case you haven't been to graduate school, four classes is a nice maximum without loosing your insanity. I've also finally been able to get back to the gym for some healthy exercise these days. (I say 'finally' because I broke my toe about 4 weeks ago. Yep - broke my toe. I've been so busy that I haven't even been able to give that one the blog it is so worthy of receiving. Oh but it is. Me, in a black opened-toe cast boot hobbling in the snow....picture it, and I am sure I don't need to say anything more! Don't even get me started on how it never matched any of my outfits). Throw in the fact that I have a long-distance phone-only relationship with my man, and try to throw in some good eating and sleeping during these times, I suppose you can conclude as to why my blog world is sadly empty these days.

Know that my heart is full to boast with you and hear your day to day stories. I am sure one day soon if I don't get to type what my heart is bursting forth to proclaim, some poor victim that I run into on campus one day is going to have to hear it all in one sitting. You are all so dear to me. In 3 more weeks, I'll be down to only 4 classes - so maybe I'll celebrate by posting a blog? :)

Press on...and don't give up girlfriends. He is our exceedingly great reward.


connorcolesmom said...

Oh 8 degrees sounds REALLY cold!!
I don't like to be cold.
It got down to 30 last night and my hubby had already taken a shower and had on his pj's around 9 when he realized he needed to take the trash out.

He looked at me and said "honey will you do me a favor and take out the trash?"
I looked at him and said "I dont love you that much!" LOL!!
I continue to pray for you and hope you are staying warm - hehe
Much love,

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Oh don't even know!
He is so faithful though...just stay strong and spirit-filled..I need to hear those words too:)


Love ya:) and right there with ya with classes...
Overnight 24hrs a week, and school 5 days a week...I SO HEAR YOU GIRL!!!


Heather said...

Praying for you! I can't imagine your load. Seminary is not easy I know from the hubs but so worth all the effort you are putting in. Take care of yourself and know we will still be here in 5 years when you finsih and come back to us. Just kidding I know it won't be that long :) Know you are being lifted up!

Kelly S. said...

8 degress!! BURRR

What is it with you and Travis and broken toes??? I can't even imagine how your getting around in the miserable, much less in freezing weather. I am so sorry, but will continue to lift you up in prayer. Glad to have a direction for the next three weeks. Thanks so much for the update!!! Hang in there! Gal. 6:9

ps. we are headed for Coastal GA for spring break!!

Toknowhim said...

Proud of you young girlfriend!! Keep pressing on!!! My nine year old accepted Christ into his heart 4 days ago. He is the first of my boys to do that!!! God is good!! I know you will celebrate with me. Blessings!!

Fran said...

Oh Shelly...
8 degrees is flat out painful to us Southern, I hope Spring comes soon...for us all!

You are thought of just as much....and, I simply ask God to be right there with you in every detail of your life. May He continue to be your source of all love and life.

We've said it before, say it again....Just so proud of you!


jennyhope said...

i am so proud of you Shel! I totally saw your man on the LPM site so I decided to hop over.
Miss you!

Lindsee said...


You just keep doing to do what you need to do! I understand completely. I've been a bit blog absent myself because of that very same reason!

5 classes in seminary, and working 20 hours, you ARE wonder woman.

I love you!


P.S. Saw that precious pic of your cute bf in the LPM picture! What a lucky girl you are! :)

Darla said...

Love you Shelly! Keeping you in my prayers, I am longing to hear your thoughts burst forth, so that person on campus who is blessed with you letting it be recieving the Word! Maybe I should pray for them..LOL good to hear from you! :)

Profbaugh said...

Hang in there Shelly with the classes and the weather. Just remember both are fleeting. Your sweet Savior is FOREVER!!

Oh, and I guess I shouldn't say that it's 71 degrees here in St. Louis today. It's supposed to snow tomorrow (really)--no consistency at all. So at least you're consistently cold.

Thinking warm thought for you,

Kristen said...

I peek in every so often to see how you are! Know that you have a Siesta in Indiana praying for you. God has you in a place right now that keeps you from blogland - but not far from the hearts of those out here cheering and praying you on!!!

God Bless and take care of that toe!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I despise being cold. I've been permanently affixed to my heating pad all winter. You should really get one - awesome stuff.

Think of you often and am hoping to see you in Texas come August. Are you going??

Love you!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So good to catch up on your blog! Your pictures are all so adorable!

It's cold here in TX, but not 8-degrees-cold!!!

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh Shelly! Bev broke her toe, too!

I'm sorry...I know that hurts.

Praying for you Siesta and friend!
Much love,

PS God brought my Chris a job just in time! I know you want to Praise Him with me!! Go ahead and clap those hands and give Him a glorious whoop for His answer--He is good!

Pearls and Grace said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! Love how much
you love Him. He is so faithful!
Have a beautiful and blessed Easter!

Darla said...

Happy Easter Princess!

Linda said...

Happy Easter!

Fran said...

Just a girl in TN who hopes that things are going well for ya!! You are always thought of and I pray that our amazing Jesus is the light of each day!


Emmy said...

Hi Shelly!
I have had you on my heart so much! Was in Jacksonville last weekend and saw Nate... I thought it had to be him... so I went up and said, "Hi you must be Nate... I recognized your picture from Shelly's blog!" I am sure he probably thought I was crazy... He was so precious... poor guy he was right in the middle of setting up everything and was so sweet to stop for a second to talk!
I hope your toe is better! That is a bummer having to walk in a boot in the snow! I am so sorry! I bet spring up there will be beautiful... well worth the wait!
Just want you to know I am praying for you! God Bless sweet Shelly!

Heather said...

How are you doing? Still MIA I see. The semester should be winding down with finals and such ... just know you are in our prayers!

Lauren said...

Hey Shelly,
I'm not sure you'll get this since it's on a not-so-recent post, but I thought I'd see if you're still up for meeting sometime. If so, just give me a shout at, and baby Noah and I will make a trip out to see you!

darla-overcomer said...

Sweet thing! still MIA..???

saying a prayer for you, and hoping that all is well, and that you get some down time this summer. Love you! Princess to Princess

Kristen said...

Checking in again to see how you are! You are missed in blogland and I pray things are going well for you in your schooling and your relationship with Nate.
God Bless.