Sunday, March 22, 2009

Domesticity ... or something like it

Hey my lovely siestas!

I have returned to siestaville, after I myself could not even handle the bombardment of thoughts in my head. I have been thinking about y'all a lot lately. [Pause] Actually, I think I have actually been talking to some of you in my head and to myself. Does that make me crazy???? Yes, I do believe so...

Nate and I got back to Nashville about 2 weeks ago. He hit the ground running with work. I hit the bed in sleep, trying to overcome a brutal cold I got when we had returned from our honeymoon. Four days later, I drove my new husband to get on a tour bus that would take him away from me for a total of about 3 weeks. I don't like that tour bus...don't like it one bit. I would go so far as to call it ugly, but it's carrying precious cargo inside, so I'll refrain.

And thus began my newlywed life in Nashville. And thus began some loneliness. And thus began my short conversations about Scripture with some of you in my head. And thus began my realization that I needed to get a life! Bless my dear Nashvillian friend Abby Lane for her sweet presence. She was in town long enough to take me to church with her last Sunday. I stood beside her, torn between joining in the incredible worship and wanting to sit right down on that cushioned pew with her and talk one another's girly hearts slap out. Rest assured; I behaved. Thank goodness the God I get to serve is bigger than a woman's need for girlfriend time. Grin.

Let me add somewhat intermittently here that I wholeheartedly support my man, which means I support his being gone for this moment as well. This tour was a last minute opportunity of provision that arose for us, and thus he took it. We are both downright miserable apart from one another. Those ahead of us in years of marriage tell me that I will get used to his being gone when he has to travel. Part of me knows that I will come to appreciate those moments of solitude b/c I love nothing more than to hide with my Jesus and some books. But most of me prays, not in disrespect towards my elders, that I don't get used to his absence. If God can sustain and renew my love and excitement for Him through each season, then He can sustain and renew my love for Nate enough so that I will delight in his returning home the 200th time as much as I will this time!

[Insert: Y'all might want to skip this part of you have an insanely weak stomach]. In light of no longer eating in a school dining hall, and wanting to serve my man, Miss turkey sandwich herself has entered the domain of the kitchen. Y'all, I was really coming to enjoy finding recipes and attempting to bring them into fruition. I hadn't burned something in two full days. And I think that's why it happened, b/c y'all know pride comes before a fall. I had just set out what I needed for dinner, and then I did it. I received my merit badge for newlywed domestic activity. I cut the index finger on my right hand with a gigantic knife of ours. (cringing still). Yes, yes, I did. After I caught my breathe from the pain and shock, I ran into the bathroom to run cold water over it. Apparently, in my unconscious, to have just stayed put at the sink I was at and run cold water over it would have been a most harmful decision, since there was a profuse amount of blood. And we mustn't contaminate the kitchen sink, right???

In my 'fight' or 'flight' response, I resumed my 'fight' position as always. In awkward left-handed fashion, I grabbed a ziploc bag, added ice, and made some type of compression over it with a rag so that I could try and get myself to the ER. Oh wait! But not before I ran over to my laptop, pulled up my theology syllabus, and checked to see which book I would need to bring with me to read while I wait. (Oh yes I did, even in the midst of all that pain....y'all know one should not leave home to sit in an ER waiting room for 4 hours without one's most recent theology book. I am highly embarrassed with myself). I actually only read a few chapters of it; I got to have a long-awaited phone date with my Mandy Lu while there. A few stitches later, I returned home, drained and famished. I'll end my story with letting you know that I have eaten a lot of cereal lately and have had nothing but bad hair days since the damage was done. I would pay someone to come brush my hair and fix it, b/c I can't do it with my incapable left hand.

As for these most recent days, I'm mainly job searching and working on my theology class. I can't figure out why there aren't any job openings for someone who loves the Word, lives in Nashville, loves to write, is fairly young and inexperienced, and hasn't yet fully completed her master's degree. It must be my hair y'all....I do so believe it is.

Love y'all. Miss y'all! And will write soon with something the Spirit has been working out in my heart.


Natalie said...

Remember last year with the boot? Try not to make it a habit of having a yearly ER visit. :) Miss you!

Lindsee said...

I know already that I am going to love your newleywed stories. Like seriously! I am so sorry your man has to be gone for three weeks, that stinks. (Even though I know y'all are okay with it, it still stinks!) And girl, your finger? Cracks me up, in do time you'll be back in the kitchen with much confidence. I just know it! ;)

I love you. I miss you.

Give that Abby Lane a hug for me. Y'all just go ahead and decide what our grown up ministry might look like. ;) I'm all for it!

Okay, I am done commenting. Hugs!

Toknowhim said...

First of all, can I say that I still picture you as the young (single) sweet woman with a passion for God and His Word... Well you still are many of those things, but when I first got on your blog there are now pictures of you and your husband, not just you and your friends... I love it, and you are a doll.

Sorry that your hubby is gone for awhile, but I know sweet one you make the most of this time with our Jesus... You make me want to adore Him more :)

Just know if I was there this mama would come over and cook you some food, although my talents are probably about as good as yours :)

Blessings sweet one, and so good to see you back in blogville again.


AnnaNicole said...

Next time you 'bout cut your finger off, give a siesta a call and I will either come and get you or meet you at the ER!! Seriously!! Im here if you ever need anything...albeit across town but here none the less!

Sad to hear that you and your man are already experiencing time apart...I know that you knew it would come and Nate knew it would come but I doubt either one of you thought it would come that quickly! I pray that the time will just fly by and you are all in one piece when he gets back!! ;)

We need a get together soon! You should meet up with Abby and me at Kairos on Tues...long drive I know but it would be great to see you!

Love ya dearie!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Stop the Presses!

Nikki! Is your name really Anna Nicole? You've just redeemed the name for me if so. If not, well you are just too stinkin' cute for words..

But that goes without sayin' and I digress.

Shelly, dear. I also had a horrible domestic accident involving a large butcher knife when Luke and I were first married. However, instead of being brave like you, I called my sister and insisted she would have to drive me to the ER.

It didn't stitches. The words "briar scratch" may have been used. The details are hazy.

You hang in there without your man. I know you miss him like crazy but imagine the reunion. Something also tells me you are in no shortage of girlfriends in the area.

Love you!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

It didn't NEED stitches that is. :)

Denise said...

Praying for you as Nate is away! I have been married for 32 years to my sweet hubby/pastor who loves to go around the world on mission trips, and we do not ever like to be apart ... even for one day!

Fran said...

You are just so precious Shelly...even with the whole tragic knife story. You know if I lived in Nashville...I'd be there constantly tending to you! :)

I'm praying for you. I smile when I just think about your sweet self.
When can I come visit you and Abby and Nikki?? Seriously?? When?? I need that.

Big hugs,

Fran said...

I'm with Nikki really Anna Nicole???? STOP IT!!!!!!

AnnaNicole said...

Thanks Fran!

Yes y'all, my name really is Anna Nicole! Kim thought it would be funny if I switched it in blog world and see if anybody! Next time you talk to Robyn ask her about the comment she thought came from the! Too funny! The funny part is I will answer to it...I get called Anna, AnnaNicole, Nakita, Kiki, NikNik, Lottie(long story), Mary Poppins, and the list goes on...I answer to them all! sigh, maybe I have multiple personalities?! lol!

Fran, you absolutely must come to N'ville...and for a girls trip this time! We are all ready and waiting!

Love y'all!

AbbyLane said...

shelly. oh shelly. coffee date soon. we both know what that means. heart=on table. blahaweopridfknh. (that was the sound of them hitting the table.)

the first time i ever talked to you on the phone i was packing up my apartment to leave college, which i had just graduated from. now, two short years later, you are married, and we live in the same town. dern. i am bah-lessssed.

fran. get here. now.

lisa i miss you.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness! The ER?

That and this that you said made me want to sit and have us a good visit -- "Actually, I think I have actually been talking to some of you in my head and to myself."

And NO I never get over my Chris leaving for a trip. NEVER. But I make the best of it and try (being the "otter" that I am) to make a party of it--not the "pity" kind.

Come and see us in Colorado!! The Smith B&B is always open to you and your man, sweet Shelly. I would love to have some time visiting.

Praying for God's BEST for you in a job--His timing, His direction and His people.

Love you!

mandy said...

I wish I was there to brush your hair.

And I wouldn't get the heebies either. I wouldn't. I promise.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I love your heart for HIM:) I really do...and its SO encouraging and SUCH a reminder of how hard it is to hold on to daily life..but in the same breath its so relieving to know all is takes is the DESIRE to be close to God, and HE'S right there! I love that!
I'll have to email you...this girl has had such a roller coaster..but its all BEEN SO WORTH IT!!!!
I am going to try to memorize Phillipians 3:7-14 for the next memory verse...been practicing:) you want to join me on that challenge:)
I am so glad you have someone to love you; that must be such a wonderful feeling dear friend:)
Be Blessed tons and tons!


connorcolesmom said...

It is so good to have you back on a more regular basis!
I have missed you!
Girl you have been busy for sure
I know you miss your man but you are right on about the time with God and the fun reunion you will have with your hubby when he returns!
As far as the finger I did the same thing about 9 yrs
except I cut my left index finger all the way to the nerve and also cut an artery!
The DR had to stitch the artery b/c it would not stop bleeding - it was the WORSE pain I have ever felt - so I honestly feel your pain sweet friend!!
Get better soon
If I lived closer I would so come over and help you :)
Much love

Patty said...

Hey girl!
I am sorry you are apart from your husband but I smiled and agreed with you about never getting used to his absence! That is good. :)

Also, you have Abby, Nikki, and me all around you if you need anything. I am not sure what part of Nashville you live in but I am down the road a bit in M'boro. Let me know if I need to come and brush your hair. :) I think Nikki and Abby and myself need to plan on meeting up with you soon!

Love you,

Emmy said...

You are so precious Shelly!

I am so sorry about your finger! : ( Awe it hurts me just thinking about it!

Know you must be missing Nate! Oh it breaks my heart he had to leave so soon... I'll be praying for you! Hope it goes by fast!

I have been married 20 years (we dated 5 before that) and I still get sad if he has to go out of town... it is easier but I can't wait till he comes home! Goodness I still get excited when he drives down the driveway home from work! I know that it is a gift! So YES pray for that!!!!!

Welcome Home!

darla said...

i love you..yes i do! and i would seriously brush your hair for you, and although you are too much of a lady to say it your self..that tour bus is ugly when it takes your man..there i said it!

Teal said...

Girl, you know you're just preparing for Deepest Still Intensive. I'm getting a little preparation myself as I do TPetter exegesis paper number 2...
i miss you. especially because i'm sitting in the library and needing some You Tube entertainment. And Chris is sadly absent. love you girl.

Gina said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are wonderful and one day you will learn to use a knife. Or your husband will stand over you and tell you how you're not chopping that tomato with the correct knife or the correct technique.

Wait, that's my life.

I miss you dearly.

- Gina B.

Kristen said...

You just make me smile!

I have been married for almost 19 years and I still miss my hubby when he is away. Yes, I do enjoy having some private time to myself... but I am always so ready to throw my arms around him when he gets home. Yes, I do still appreciate the gift of him from God after all these years. (even on the days when he gets on my nerves - wink) We actually work together as a husband and wife real estate team... so we have a lot of togetherness... fortunately we also know how to have our alone time.
Hugs to you sweet girl! Praying that hand heals up quickly and that you find a job soon! I know it's tough out there... as a realtor sometimes I feel unemployed!

Tina said...

I am clueless here - what is he on tour for? Rock star? Circus act? ;)

Jennifer said...

Shelly, reading your blog always makes me rejoice in the Lord! He is so good, and you encourage me by always giving Him the glory. Miss you here at GCTS! :-)

one of four said...

I cut my finger in the kitchen recently. It made me weak in the knees. Hope you're feeling better and that the job search is going well. Don't lose heart. The right job is out there.

darla said...

just re-reading this and i have to tell you..I too love my alone time with my Jesus, and my books..but as for getting used to being apart from my man..after being with him for 15 years, I still miss him when he is gone, still think of a million things I want to tell him, and act like a little school girl when he gets home! so i love it both! and praying for you to have the same! its awesome, and God is so good to us! I love you!