Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dancer in action

I was in a central part of campus today trying to work on graduate school/seminary applications. I was working on the 'stereotypical' (but worthy) question that asks you to include your personal autobiography. Well - because my own story (His story for my life) so overwhelms me, this was sitting #2 to try to complete it. I'll get a paragraph down and then I'm either wanting to get on the carpet and bawl, or stand up and dance. Needless to say, I don't get very far. His mercies over my life have been too profound for me to transfer in paper on one sitting. Thus, the delay on my applications. I'm like - are you kidding me - I've really got to tell you!? The fact that I'm standing and breathing while smiling is one of the loudest testimonies I could provide you about I just include a picture? :) Okay okay - I know. That is undoubtedly insufficient.
Anyway, I was in one of those 'I'm about to cry moments,' so I turned my iPod to some good praise music to play in the background and grabbed a bag of pretzels to slowly enjoy. I don't know what happened, but I have just caught myself in action. I looked back over my song list and found the culprit. They included ‘Shackles,' 'Our God is an Awesome God,' 'Pray,' (by Cece), and 'Sanctuary' (Travis). Basically, if you don't know, these are all upbeat tunes worthy of closing the mini-blinds over and having a praise session with you and Jesus. Unfortunately...I got carried away. I am in a room of 6+ people and have been dancing my feet away while sitting in my chair. My flip-flops have flopped incessantly and probably annoyingly against the air of 'studiousness' here. At some point, I completely finished my bag of pretzels, but I don't know when, or recall actually enjoying them. I have no idea what I have written in my testimony, but it is nearly complete. I am afraid to look over it: have you ever been typing away and ended up typing your subconscious thoughts or subconscious praise song accompaniments?
My sole reason for telling you this is that I long for us to be lost in worship of who He is each day. Cease worshiping Him merely because of what He does for you, and lift your eyes to the overwhelming reasons to worship ... who He is! May He be enthroned upon the hearts of His people today as we command our souls to 'Bless the Lord, and all that is within me! I pray that you even got so lost in who He is, that you forget if you ever ate that bag of 'pretzels,' and your self-thoughts are turned to gaze upon the beauty of our Beloved One. It is not that I cared to tell you about my own praise experience, but I want Jesus for you so badly. I want Him for myself. I want more of Him. May we never be satisfied with anything less than all of Him. I want you to be lost in wonder of who He is sister. I want you to fall in love with your Maker and LORD. I want you to be consumed in awe of the wonders of His person. He is so much more....

Captivate us by your love oh Lord! Consume us with all that you are! We bring to you all that we are, and all that we are not. We bless you LORD! You are worthy of much praise...much praise sweet Jesus.

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