Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bible Study Blues

I am getting ready to graduate in 2 weeks, and this week starts the beginning of a long list of 'lasts' for me. One of those 'last' is my last week of bible study with 'my girls.' I've noticed that most blogs contain content regarding family and darling children. As a single 24 year old away at college, could you allow me to talk about 'my girls' as you would your sweet little ones. Now I am quite aware that they are not mine - I know they belong to the Lord! But at some point in these past several years, an unexpected happening occurred and I place total blame on the Lord! I fell in love with these precious ones. They have marked me, challenged me, and made me love Him more. The ones that the Lord gave me the unspeakable privilege to serve have served me instead.
They have GRACIOUSLY put up with me as a servant leader. I do not consider myself much of a teacher, because I feel like a far more fitting term would be 'student.' I get so excited about the things He shows me in His Word, that I just have to tell someone. I love to learn (yes - I've embraced the fact that I'm a nerd). And they are the sweet ones loving enough to allow me to share what I get excited about each week. They have allowed me to come to them in sweats, pony-tail, and no make-up; they've allowed me to say 'I don't know' to questions; they've allowed me to look foolish in my praise to Him; they've allowed me to serve them.
God has changed them, broken them, restored them, challenged them, humbled them, and more. The day they clapped and broke out in a big grin about opening the Word, I just broke into tears. The Lord had done something marvelous. He had ignited in them their own independent passion for Him and His Word. That is one of the cries of my heart...I desire not to merely bring them a teaching, a challenge, love, joy, or the likes. I want Jesus for them. I want Jesus for them so badly that I do not know what to do with myself at times. And I am getting ready to say goodbye to their beautiful faces this week...I've realized that they have Him. They have more of Him than I could have hoped do I. I mean not to imply that they didn't have Him to begin with, but there is so much more of Him. He is more!
Tuesday is drawing ever nearer, and I suspect our bowling party will be full of laughter (due to our lack of skill). And who doesn't look hot in bowling shoes?! I'm sure there will be lots of photos taken, lots of pizza eaten, and lots of sharing. I will not help but be on the outside looking in, rejoicing at the work God has done in each of our lives over the seasons of pouring over His Word. What a privilege to get to watch Him change someone from 'glory to glory.' It has been a privilege girls!

A few more pictures of some of the girls and I

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