Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unmerciful dress!

I've got wedding number (uhmm...I've lost count) to attend this weekend, but I am so looking forward to it; the bride is a sweet sorority sister of mine. Not to mention, I get to dance to oldies music and stuff myself with chocolate covered strawberries until I can't move. Sign me up!
So I went on the hunt today for a dress. I find an adorable brown dress, frolic off to the dressing room, and try it on. After a few promenades in front of the dressing room, I decide it's not quite what I want...bummer.
Well.........I couldn't get it off. Okay - deep breathe. Try the zipper again. Nope. Okay, maybe I can just pull it over my head. Nope. Try again, maybe you can. I do the twist in my dress and get it partly over my eyeballs with one arm stuck straight in the air. Start giggling to myself. Start giggling even more. Pull it back down and aim for the zipper again. Employee walks by to ask me if I 'needed anything.' No mam; thank you though! (Uhm...actually, some scissors would be great!). Now telling myself to breathe because I start panicking over the fact that I'm going to have to break the dress or buy it, and put my other clothes on over it. I am not letting anyone see me like this! With a few more acrobatic bends, I manage to get the thing off. Not the adorable dress I thought it was.
Sadly - this same thing happened to me about 2 months ago! Ladies, never go shopping without your girlfriend. The feet you see shuffling in the dressing room next to you aren't necessarily someone who has found the 'perfect' outfit and is doing her own version of the catwalk behind closed doors. It could be me - having a fight with my dress that went on so easily, and is now leaving me with no mercy! Please tell me this has happened to someone else!?

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