Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beginning of the End - GT style

I have spent an average of 5 - 20 hours a week with these people. We were group members of our Applied Experimental Psychology senior capstone course. We have successfully completed an environmental audit on an independent living community, created and ran a focus group, and redesigned the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society handbook for implementation of a web-based resource. In other words, we've practically lived with each other in our school's lab for days on end. Thank you Georgia Tech for one last attempt to define my life, degrade my self esteem, and steal my joy. You lost - again, thanks be to my God and the One who sustains me! Celebration upon our final project being submitted was in due call.
Hence - the pool party. I'd been staring outside my classroom windows for weeks and then looking dishearteningly upon my pale limbs, recalling the days when I used to be tan (forgive me for sounding so terribly vain...but I come from the beach - it's what we do!). I believe we kept the pizza joint in business girls! Thank you for putting up with my delirious singing and dancing. Nancy - thank you for being our over-achiever. Zunaira - your 'get this junk done' attitude is a lesson to us all. And Amanda - where we would be without your Dreamweaver skills ... in PowerPoint world I suppose!? lol.

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