Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stick a fork in me...I'm done!

I, Shelly Elizabeth Bland, have hereby taken the last final of my undergraduate career. (Pause...and clap for Jesus). Now, other than the fact that I accidentally put down the name 'Richard Simmons' as the artist of a painting for my art history final, they all went okay. I'm sure he may have appreciated his extra deemed talent that I gave him. Well, there was also that game of 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe' that I played on my scantron for a different final, but I thought the filled in bubbles did have quite a nice design when I got done. Hehe

This week has been full of goodbye's, hugs, worship at my last college ministry event, and a senior luau for my sorority. One of my sorority sisters also got married on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful. I truly heard the dance floor calling my name at the reception. I couldn't hurt its feelings and leave it empty; no one had yet made it feel significant and worthy. So, I and my brown stilettos took the privilege. We bonded. and the dance floor. It didn't matter much that I didn't have a guy friend to dance with me when there were eventually 30 sorority sisters out on the floor.

My sister comes in tomorrow. I cannot wait. Friday, my Mom and brother will arrive. They want to go to the Varsity. Sigh! Seriously Mom - could we be any more like tourist?? For now, I'm just trying to quiet my soul before the Lord and take in His faithfulness for having brought me 'thus far.' How am I going to make it across that stage on Saturday when I cry my mascara slap off, or break out in praise, when I think about His goodness over these years?

Kristian, me, and Alex after the last college ministry event. These guys are incredible worshipers for the Lord.

Tiff, me, and Holli...official Alpha Delta Chi alumni!

Netty, me, and Kristen at the wedding.


Lindsee said...

Oh, fun! I love new blogging friends!! Of course I would not mind at all if you linked me! I'll link you, too!! :)

Walk PROUDLY across that stage, even if you have black streaks running down your face. You've earned it, sista!!!

And yes, I am sure the Lord is getting an absolute kick our of OUR plans. Oh, I love it!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Lindsee said...

P.S. Are you on facebook?!

mandy said...

found you!!!!

jenny said...

no more tests!

Sue said...

Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you,

Abby said...

what up....i changed my blog a bit so your link will have to be changed...

juusssssssssst wanted you to know :)

Sam McClure said...

congrats to you! I'm visiting your blog from your comment on mine; yes, we are sisters in Jesus! Many blessings! sherry