Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Nate to you siestas, miestas, and all of the in betweens

My dearest blog moms, sis' and select men of extreme bravery! Please forgive me for taking so long to post. I have to admit that this is one of the more intimidating things that I've been honored to do knowing that I am quite literally blogging to ' a cloud of witnesses' that would most likely have no problem taking me to the woodshed if need be! I am profoundly grateful for you all!
It seems that often the things that most alter the course of our lives happen without warning! Looking back on these last few months, I'm certain that somewhere there was some kind of epic drum role or mighty blast of music that had something very particular to do with the collision of my life with hers. I don't know, perhaps it did happen right there in that arena in Boon, North Carolina and I was just too distracted to notice! To this day, there seems to be a little confusion as to how I ended up with Shelly E's number, but I do remember trying desperately to think up something very business like and official sounding so that I wouldn't have to explain further my desperate desire to get this beautiful girl's number. Well, at any rate by the grace of God my business partner and I ended up having lunch with Shelly and Abby. I remember being ecstatic at the fact that this little tiny southern bell wasn't even a little bit afraid of diving into some fried green tomatoes (Thank you Jesus!) I think we even ordered a second round! Through out the course of our conversation I remember trying very hard to figure out if this girl was actually for real! My life is inundated with people who are, in one way or another, involved in ministry and who have the church culture and spiritual lingo down to a science! This woman was clearly special!
Well, I have to confess that I had no problem finding repeated and very excellent excuses to 'do business' in Atlanta over the next couple of months!I found that the most thrilling thing about this woman is that she truly is in love with Jesus! I think that as a man one of the most terrifying things to face is that of the prospect of a failure of any kind really! As much as I would love to always be Shelly's hero, I have no illusion as to the permanence of my many frailties. I'm so thankful for a woman who allows herself to be adored by me while consistently running first to her Heavenly Father for the validation and fulfillment that only He can provide! Knowing this, I am so free to seek the Lord first as well! I have so much to learn about leading and in some areas haven't the faintest idea what on earth I'm supposed to do, but the deepest desire of my heart is to keep us both free to be everything that our Lord always intended us to be. I take such comfort in Psalms 118:13 - I was pushed hard , so that I was falling, but the Lord helped me! James 1:4 is such a challenge to me! 'And let steadfastness have it's full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.' My precious friends, what a joy it is to know that our Lord is so much less concerned with our own ability to grow our faith than He is in our simply choosing to reside in the certainty of the giant portion of His never ending faithfulness to us!
I guess that what I'm trying to say is that in spite of, in the midst of, all of my many failures and much frailty my Lord somehow has seen fit to show me His unreserved love in the most extraordinary of ways! Knowing this my deepest desire is to protect this woman and serve her in every way I know how.
I can't thank all of you enough for the love and support that you show Shelly! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to her!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Oh wow:) That was such a beautiful post! It is nice to meet you sir:)

I think its awesome the relationship you guys have; one day I pray God has that planned for me:)

Be Blessed:)


Tee said...

Great post!

Sharon said...

O.K Shelly, we let let him pass muster---for now! :)
He sounds like he has his heart plugged in to the right source. So just like he was checking you out to see if you were for real---you keep checking him out.
Praying for Gods best!
And since Nate is not to read this blog--tell him a Mom from the south said, Welcome!

Heather said...

wow girrrrrllll! You got a good one there! Sweet, sweet post! nice to meet you Nate!

ps ... shelly you've been quiet lately. Been praying for you~!

Lindsee said...

That is THE most precious thing I've read all day. :) He's precious!

Hope you two had fun this weekend. Still sad I couldn't join you and Abby for some coffee. Oh, but the day will come...soon!!!

Love you, sweet Shelly!


P.S. Have I ever mentioned how incredibly happy I am for you?! Because I am. You deserve nothing less than God's greatest!!!

debra said...

I loved reading this. Very refreshing.

marina said...

I really love your blog you said everything I have always wanted to say.Found you on the preachers wife blog.You are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends looks like you are having fun.
Stay Bless always,

Lisa said...

Bless you, Nate! What a sweet post.

Shelly, I pray for you and your relationship with Nate. You are such an awesome person - you deserve only God's best.
I am grinning all over myself right now - I was there in Boone, sitting right beside you when it all happened. Only thing is - I was oblivious to it all. lol
But, I'll claim the privilege anyway.

Love you dearly, sweet girl.
Email me when you can!


connorcolesmom said...

Oh my goodness - I think I held my breath through that whole thing - it was beautifully written.

I love how much Nate loves you and how much he loves God!

My favorite thing is when he said "Knowing this my deepest desire is to protect this woman and serve her in every way I know how"
Oh my goodness how sweet!!
I will definitely continue to pray for the 2 of you and for God's wisdom and guidance throughout your relationship :)
I hope you continue to have a blast with him this week!
Much love,

jennyhope said...

okay i am so thrilled at that post. Not that my approval matters but I totally approve of Nate :). I have missed hearing from you and I think about you and pray for you often. This is so refreshing because it is easy to get jaded and think that this kind of thing doesn't exist. I have so many wonderful, godly single sisters that need to know that God has a plan for them and that there are men who love Jesus. (I AM NOT SAYING THERE ARE NOT BTW) Thank you for the post. so encouraging.

Fran said...

Oh Wow!! A Man after God's Own Heart!! :) We love you Nate and Shelly. Your words are beautiful but your love for Jesus is beautiful-er!

Blessings to you both~

The Preacher's Wife said...
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The Preacher's Wife said...

Wow. Just Wow.

There is nothing more wonderful than two people who have found completeness in God instead of human relationship. What freedom! Neediness is so messy and unattractive.

And unattractiveness is not either of your problems, Nelly! Ya'll are pretty in Jesus and I am completely happy for the both of you...:)


p.s. I'm thinking you should just get married at the Fiesta in San Antonio - right on stage and everything! Surely Beth wouldn't mind! *g*

Kelly S. said...

Wow Shelly...I am blown away. Not by the sweet words from Nate or that he is crazy about you...'cause DAAAAA. You are so precious and I am not surprised God led you to someone equeally as precious! But as I read his post and thought back over the time surrounding the LPL event in Boone I am once again literally astounded by the sovereignty of God!! Several siestas were there and so many relationships formed from that weekend, not to mention the awesome time it was. So praise God you made it there to meet Abby. Praise God for the work He did in me as I desperately tried to sell those tickets(not that I had a thing to do with you being there-God just really taught me some things through that experience)and Praise God for Nate. I am so happy for you, and I think I did hear an epic drum roll that weekend.

Maybe Travis is right?? Maybe God really does get his mail in Boone? There was definitely some heavenly communication going on!!

Love you!

Lauren said...

Wow, this guy is a keeper!

Sacchiel said...

I'm so glad to know your heart is for God. I'll keep you and Shelly in my prayers!

Christina said...

When's the wedding? lol :-)

Toknowhim said...

You both are truly a perfect match... A match made in Heaven :) Your hearts are so much the same!!!

I love that Nate said something like, he doesn't so much have to worry about meeting your deepest needs, because he knows that Jesus has already got that covered, and that frees him up to love you (that is me paraphrasing)

That is SWEET and BLESSED!!!

Patty said...

It is so much fun to watch the two of you and watch God work in each of your lives. I was so honored to be at Boone and see the two of you talking. I am very observant and I saw how Nate's eyes lit up talking to Shelly. This may freak you out but it's the truth. :o)
I am so thrilled that both of you are putting Jesus in the center of this relationship. I know Shelly loves her Jesus more than anyone or anything. So, I am praying for both of you and watching intently as God shows off. Will we be invited to the wedding?! ;)

Love you,

Deedra said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

and wow!

mandy said...


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I'll say it again Shelly, I think you have a keeper!
What a sweet post!

(((Hugs)))) to you Shelly!


connorcolesmom said...

How was Nashville?
We missed you!!
Love ya,

Emmy : ) said...

Nate your awesome! What an awesome man of God! So genuine, real...humble....(How precious!...sorry girl talk) I am THRILLED for you both! I think about you a lot Shelly! Have a blessed day! Much love - Emmy : )

darla said...

What a cool post! I will have to start praying for Nate as well! Shelly are you doing okay at school? Been thinking alot about you..and just putting you in the hands of Jesus..knowing that is the very best place for you.
Nate-a man after God's own heart is precious! Nice to blog meet you!

Boy & Girl said...

Awesome post girl!

connorcolesmom said...

How did your tests go?
how was Nashville?
I miss you and look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Bev Brandon said...

ever since your July 15th post---you know that day well---i have prayed for you and thought about you and checked on your blog but have been silent---i was so moved by your post three months ago and never forgot it---i hold that story in my heart for you sweet Shelly---you are a young woman full of Isaiah 66:2 - your God has made all these things in your life and to this one He looks--- to you, my dear--- who is humble and contrite of spirt and trembles at His Word...
and as far as this post goes---this guy has courage!

Sharon said...

A little something for you on my Sunday post!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Hi Shelley,

i know you are busy,

but i miss you..:)

Charity said...

A song comes to my ming..."What a man..What a man..what a man...what a mighty good man!"