Saturday, November 3, 2007

Greek by osmosis...or so I wish sometimes

My sweet sisters, misters, and favored lurkers

(Longest preface I think I’ve ever written: The first thing I want you to know is how much I ache in not being able to keep up with your lives, blogs, and hearts better than I have. The Lord has recently convicted me in my own lack of posting (because it is such a thing between He and I), so I am doing my best to honor His ways for me. I want you to know that if I ever get a spare second, I’ll do my best to stop by your blog. You are so important to me, and I really want to show that better than I have been able to. For now though, the best way I can let you know how important you are to me though is to honor Him through these posts!)

Okay, so forgive me for how lame I am about to be, but I’m going to have to use list-format to update y’all. (PS – Did y’all know that they allow the use of ‘y’all’ in Greek, and consider it to even be proper! I just knew I should not have been ashamed of my southern language! Lol).

I 1) I'm LOVING my classes. Did you get that? LOVING. My favorites right now are Greek and an introductory New Testament course. As for Greek, it is just the Lord’s grace that I enjoy it, because for as much time as I have to spend in it, I’d probably have to drop out of school if I didn’t like it! J The author of my textbook is William D. Mounce. I have often told Nate that he should know that I am seeing someone else other than him…because Dr. Mounce and I have regular dates! As for the New Testament class, I don’t even have words to describe to you how incredible this class is. I am either so overwhelmed that I can’t even make myself take notes, or I am so digging everything He’s saying that my hand hurts from trying to get it all down. Y’all should know that as emotionally wired as I may be, I’m not one to just cry all the time. But I end up in tears every stinking time I attend this class (Praise the Lord it’s only once a week). The Lord just so overwhelms me in it, I leave speechless and in awe of who He is.

2) 2) I started a nanny position with my roomie about 3 weeks ago. She watches the little boy who is almost two years old. And I keep the little girl who is about 9 weeks old now. We have lots of fun, and they are just a hoot, who continually keep us on our toes. Not to mention they’re about the cutest things ever.

3) I have never encountered the season of fall until now. I wish you ladies could have seen the display of His splendor in the gorgeous leaves up here. Breathtaking… The sun coming in my window wakes me up in the mornings, and there is this beautiful tree right outside with bright red and deep orange leaves. I’d stare out at it, squinting my eyes with the strong reflection of the sun’s rays bouncing off of the bright colors, feel that Jesus must love me an awful lot, and plop back down into my pillow (where I usually would then be running late for class).

4) Should we insert panic now? Because I kind of feel like I should. Can someone please explain to me how it is already the beginning of November!? I’m going to need someone to tell me how I am about 6 weeks away from completing my first semester here. And while you’re at it, if you’d like to help me do any of my work, that’d be just fine too!

5) And I’ll close with telling you spiritual mamas out there that Nate and I are doing really well. It’s not always easy being so far apart, but we’re just really trusting the waysM and timing of the Lord to keep us walking abundantly despite being away from one another. Sometimes he’s more pitiful. Sometimes I am. But we trust Him. And yes, he’s treating me as wonderfully as ever. He’s leading me, protecting me, and sending me flowers to come home to when I’ve been gone (and we know that’s always a good thing. Wink wink!).

I could go on and on, so I’ll stop and just show you some pictures of my life up here the past month or so! I love you dearly girlfriend.

Mandy and I

Stephanie (a friend from back home in GA), me, and Mandy in New Hampshire

Me, Natalie, and Teal (my roomie) at a 'Vine & Cheese' Party that our dorm hosted!

PS - Did y'all know I am about to have a fit over the wacky lay-out of this respective post. I don't know why it's got the funk. But I give up. Please pardon the awkward spacing for those of you who are Type A's out there!


Heather said...

OH Shelly you have been missed! Lots of prayers as I know firsthand that seminary can be all consuming at times. Especially with Greek!! Just know that our family prays for you often! Keep up the good work!

I always knew Y'all was a great word! :)

Kelly S. said...

Wha-hoo girl it is good to hear from you!! I am very thankful that things are going well for you and I can not believe you are keeping a 9 week old baby!!! wow, you are something else. I pray for you and think of you often, and I am just glad to know how you are. Hang in there!!

oh-I am not a bit surprised about y'all LOL

Amy Kate said...

I'm so glad that you're doing really well and enjoying your classes! This is going to sound really weird but I think I know Stephanie, she looks just like a Stephanie that I went to school with in TN and she's from Ga too. It's probably not but they look a whole lot alike! Anyway, I'm praying for you as you continue to study hard and learn more about our incredible God!

Lisa said...

The pics are beautiful - you look well. I can hardly believe it is November too. Will you be heading home for the holidays??? Will you be travelling through Tennessee??
Let me know if you are - you've got a place to stay over and rest!

Barbara said...

It's so great to see a new post from you.... and know that you are doing well!



MelanieJoy said...

YEAH!!!! It's soooo good to hear from you! Wonder often how you are and how things are going. Thanks for the update and glad you are LOVING your classes.

Sharon said...

We will forgive you for the lay out. Sometimes blogger just has problems.
I am glad you are enjoying class. I loved O.T better than N.T. But then I had it in for history at the time. Still love the O.T though.
Glad you found a little side job. We would have hated for you to have run out of money mid semester.
Glad you "found" time to write. :)
We were missing you.

connorcolesmom said...

So glad to have an update and some pictures. What abundant blessings God has given you - great classes, great view, wonderful friends and an amazing boyfriend.
God is so good - too good for words!
Love ya,

debra said...

No worries about your lack of blogging. You are working hard and we are all for that. I am praying for you girl.

Keep your smile on.

Fran said...

It was so good to be blessed by your words as I read them tonight.
I can't tell you enough, sweet young Shelly, how proud I am of you. You see, I was a complete train wreck early on and I sometimes just wish or wonder "what could have been" with my Jesus.

However, that was not His plan and believe it or not, I wouldn't trade that train wreck for anything.

I just love hearing from you. I pray God's hand be firmly upon you. I pray His presence nearly knock you down! I pray that you encounter Jesus in ALL things you do as you learn, play, and grow!

Work hard. He'll bless you tremendously. He's completely delighted with you.

CrownLaidDown said...

And I feel somewhat jealous of your youthfulness in savoring the fall leaves. I want to be like you when I grow up!

Praying over you sweet Shelly! Many blessings and strength in the final 6 weeks of school.

Janelle & Ella said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for catching us up! We've all missed you.
The pictures are great. And I'm glad to hear you and Nate are doing so well. You guys could not be any cuter.
I can't believe only 6 more weeks!

mandy said...

i TOLD you the fall was beautiful!!!
i TOLD you!
its not the same as atlanta......