Friday, December 7, 2007

My elf family

Hey sisters! And you brave men out there!

I don't have much time, because I'm writing a paper at Panera on my theology of corporate worship comparing my background and an 'unfamiliar' church. Try not to be jealous though, m'kay? :)

Anyway, my brain is scattered because I have so much I want to catch you up on! But for now, I'm thinking you really should love yourself and go read 1 Samuel 21 and 22. David is something to behold. I am hoping to get to expound upon it soon...but finals are beating down my door!

I have 3 papers to finish writing, and 2 finals - all due next Wednesday. Big nerd party huh?

Anyway, I thought this would make you laugh, and be a fun thing to do for any of your friends or family. I keep cracking up over it...particularly with my brother in his dancing tights :) Go here!


Heather said...

so cute! We did our family a few weeks ago as well. Cute, cute! Praying for your end of semester stuff/finals :)

Profbaugh said...

Hey Shelly,

Just dropping in to let you know I'm praying for you in this "crunch" time of the semester. May you do well on your papers and finals. Trust that you have a "cyber" family out here covering you in prayers. . . oh, and enjoy Panera's. . it's my favorite home away from home. Come to think of it I could go for some broccoli cheese soup right about now.

Much love,

Anonymous said...



Here's my elf...

(Yes, I found goofiest picture I could find of my husband!! Thankfully, he gives me plenty to work with!!)

And while we were at it my kids and I decided to do a little something I sent to Amanda. I present DEEPER STILL...ELFED (CRAZY, huh? But I'm just funny that way!!!):


Blessings, sweet friend!

Sharon said...

My daughter and I did this the other day.I'm not thinking thinking the elves dancing is much better than mine. :)
Study hard and then study some more.
So glad it is you and not me. Although sometimes I think my brain would like that type of change.Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and catching up.

Kelly S. said...

Your family is so precious!! Thanks for allowing us in on your "elfing". I am praying for you, and all your responsibilities over the next few weeks. Thanks for checking in.....I miss knowing how you are!
Love you-

mandy said...

what cracks me up is that your mom is the skinniest one!!!

Lisa said...

Hey girlfriend, I've missed you! Lots of prayers for your finals this week. Hang in there!
Would love to hear from you when you get a few minutes.
Take care.


P.S. What is your "going home for Christmas" route?

Fran said...

Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang yeah yeah. Show us how you do it now!

And, praying for you siesta.
Blessings and Peace and Knowledge~

Patty said...

That is so cute and I did my elf family. Totally cracks me up!!

Did you get your package? It took me forever to mail everything but I am glad I finally got it mailed.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!


connorcolesmom said...

My boys loved this and laughed so hard!
Still parying for you and hoping all goes well with your papers and your tests.
God bless,

Deborah said...

How are you precious havent been around for a while to read. loved this elf thing we did it as well was a total hoot. love alays me

Jackie said...

nice to hear from you again!! I have been MIA at least once a week lately- just NUTS this time of year!! Glad your well!! Hope you enjoy our time off for Christmas!! Love ya!

Abby said...

missssssssssssssssssssssss you

glad you are still finding time to have some FUN :)
i'm thinking we should have a phone date soon...ok, great...get your starbucks ready..

Linda said...

Good Luck with your finals. I will say a prayer that God will allow you to recall all that you have learned. We did the elfyourself last week and my kids loved it. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

jennyhope said...

just wanting to say hey! i have missed you in blog land! love jenny

Leigh Gray said...

Merry Christmas my friend - talk soon!!


Lindsee said...

Merry Christmas, sweet one! Hope it is wonderful!!

Love you!


darla said...

Merry Christmas Sweetie! I am thinking this might be your best one yet! don't know why I think that but I thinking that! LOL praying for you, princess!

holy chaos said...

That is lsot of stuff you have going on!

Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Merry Christmas!

The Preacher's Wife said...

by now all your finals should be done and the papers'd it go girl??

Denise said...

I keep checking your blog ... and waiting for more! May His peace rule in your heart and mind!

NYC said...

I hope your head hasn't exploded with all of the school work it sounds like you've had to do :) School starts back up for me tomorrow and I am sooo not looking forward to it :)

Sarah said...

Hi, I'm Sarah! I saw your comment over at Travis Cottrell's blog, and thought I'd come over and say hi. It's always nice to meet a fellow worshiper. Blessings!

Barbara said...

Here's another siesta waiting for a new post!