Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas, New Years, Ducks, and Cake

Hello all my missed siestas, miestas, lurkers, and individuals who'd given up hope of me returning back to blogworld. I've missed you! And come to the valid conclusion that y'all have made me that much weirder than I already am. For during my absence from you, many of you would come to mind, heart, and prayer...though only through your blognames or blog titles - not your real names. I am not sure that I even have all of your real names memorized, and I've decided I'm not going to try. You are what you are to my heart, so there you go.

Anyway! I'm not going to type much here since I've been out of commission for over a month. A post that would adequately cover such a time period would bore me to tears and surely send you to the store to buy a gallon of ice cream as a means of comf0rt to get through it. BUT, I will just insert some pictures from the past month and a half, and you can catch up with me that way, m'kay? I love you all! And am working on a post to deliver to you in the next few days - thank you for being patient with me. And thank you for your encouragement. Y'all are such a blessing. I love you dearly.

Christmas Party at the end of the semester: Shaney, me, and Natalie (all southern girls). Location: South Hamilton, MA
Wedding #1 back at home upon leaving school: me, Ashley, and Wendi (I've known these dear girls since I was 5 years old. It was a precious blessing to get to be in a wedding together with them for one of our friends.) Nate and I attended another wedding that same day, but I was too tired to even take pictures in that one (which means I'm WAY tired.). Location: Jekyll Island, GA
Tina-Marie (Nate's sister-in-law), me, and Anna (Nate's sister) around the days of Christmas. I met his entire family for the first time, and look...I'm still smiling and functioning. No seriously - they're amazing and wonderful. Explains him very well. Location: Panama City, FL
Luke (Nate's brother), Ivan (his Dad), Nathanael (which they call him, and I tease him about), and his brother-in-law Todd. This picture just makes me laugh b/c he and his Dad are both wearing zipped hooded navy blue jackets. He's already become his Dad huh? :) . Location: Panama City, FL
My other boyfriend - Mac - and I kissing over New Year's Eve :) Location: Greenville, SC

Me and my man over New Year's. Location: Greenville, SC (And yes all my much-needed spiritual mama's out there - we are wonderful. He is wonderful. And I still have the stupid-love face on. He's leaving Sunday to be in Thailand for 3 weeks, so I'd cherish your prayers for him. And me - so that I don't go get that gallon of ice-cream I mentioned earlier.)

All the boys, and me, during the days of duck-hunting after New Year's. Clarification: They got up at 5 am each day to go, and returned home as I was waking up :) I didn't feel left-out at all: I had several good books, chocolate-covered nuts, my pajamas, and my Jesus with whom to bond. Location: Wynne, Arkansas.

My favorite view on campus. This is what Boston welcomed me back with upon return. Apparently, it thought I would miss the cold. It's 4 degrees here today - don't even get me started.

My birthday was this past Sunday. So, Saturday night a big group of us went cosmic candlepin bowling. Translation: cosmic = black light, disco balls, and all oldies music. I was loving it, and didn't care if it felt a bit middle-school'ish. Candlepin bowling = They use bowling balls about the size of a grapefruit, and skinny taller pins that they expect you to be able to hit with the small bowl. Riiiight! lol. Mandy treated me to a quality chick-flick the next day (long overdue), Nate sent me flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries (my favorite...he's a good man), and the girls celebrated over me to such a foolish extent, that I was left outright embarrassed. I just had to get under it, and receive it as straight from my Father's hand (which is what I believe it was). Because y'all know how I don't like receiving any attention for crying out loud.

Okay, you survived. That's it! Finals, 2 weddings, snow storms, a new family, 25 years of age, and 4 states later, you're up to date :) I love y'all


Breathing His Joy said...

I know I went MIA for a LONG time in the blog world - but a quick update... we are PREGNANT and I am going to start graduate school for Occupational Therapy in the fall! I am so proud of all your hard work at school and your faithfulness to serve ... you my dear are a blessing! :) Looking forward to keeping back in touch!

Jen said...

YAAAAAAYYYYY! I had almost given up on you girl! :) So glad you're back!

Gorgeous pics, you have a beautiful smile. Happy Birthday dear one!


Teri said...

Welcome back and Happy Belated Birthday! I loved seeing the pictures and wow, you have been in way too many states in this past month! Also, it is good to hear that things are going well with Nate. :)

<3 Teri

Christina said...

I've missed you!!!! Glad everything is going so well. You and Nate make such a cute couple. Happy make me feel old!!!!! :-D

Little Steps Of Faith said...


I just love you:) Nough' said:)
Thank you for being my siesta in Christ:)
I am glad so much happiness is in your life now:)
With classes, I know how hard it is to keep smiling when you are tired!

:) Be blessed girlie.


NYC said...

Happy belated Birthday! I came upon your blog via The Preacher's Wife blog. I'm glad that I found your blog and hope to visit again soon. I loved looking at these pictures!

P.S. How did your finals go? Well I hope :)

connorcolesmom said...

Thanks for the recap - what a fun time you have been having!
All of the pictures are so much fun and you and Nate just look so in love it makes me smile :)
Praying for you and those midterms :)
God bless,

Patty said...

Great to catch up with you! It looks like you had a great winter break! You and Nate are so cute!! I will pray for Nate and you while he is gone.


Toknowhim said...

I check your blog from time to time... So great to hear about what has been going on with you... I miss your meaty (spiritually speaking) posts :) Blessings and happy belated birthday!!!

jennyhope said...

YAY! I cant believe I popped over and got this surprise! I pray for you girl!!
I hope you had a wonderful bday and your life means so much girl!! So much! Psalm 139 as you know.

Heather said...

Happy belated bday! I was so glad to see you in my bloglines! Hope you are doing well and have a great semester!

Praying for your man in Thailand and you while he is away.

one of four said...

So glad you're back. I've been reading your blog for some time and am looking forward to knowing you more.
Happy belated birthday.

Denise said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the pictures! We lived in Panama City before moving to GA. I will pray for Nate as he goes to Thailand ... for God to surround him with His glorious presence and fill and empower him with His Spirit. "Press on" with joy!

Kelly S. said...

WOW...well first Happy Birthday! I am so glad your break was full of smiles, hugs and happy faces. Thanks for the pics. I will pray for Nate...3 weeks!! I am assuming you can email! I will pray for his protection (Ps.121)
I love you and hope this semester gets off to a great start.

Lisa said...

I MISSED YOU!!! I am so glad to know that you enjoyed an awesome holiday with your man and his family. You really did some travelling - sounds like so much fun!!
Happy Birthday a few days late. I love you and welcome back!!
Love, Lisa

Three Fold Cord said...

Welcome back!
This southern Ga gal cannot imagine
4 DEGREES. Girl how in the world are you doing it. Now I can see the pi ctures are beautiful and I could warm up inside with a hot chocoalte looking at it, but having to go out in it...ugh.
Keeping you in my prayers as Nateo r Nathaniel that is, is out of the country.
Love, your Siesta,

Bev Brandon said...

I keep checking on you cause of one post from last year that touched me forever. I have a daughter in Thailand---it's such a small world, he's probably doing something with her company :) You so honor your God and are such a humble girl.

Dori said...


Oh, girl -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You look so happy and like you are having a ball in all these pictures.

Thanks for stopping by today. I've missed you, too! You just come on around anytime you want to, sweet friend!


Ang baylis said...

Hey, Shelly!!!

It was so very nice to get the update on you! Happy Belated Birthday! I think of you often and hope you are doing well! You are so missed by this blog siesta!
Take good care...
Angie xoxo
p.s. Loved the pictures!!!

Sharon said...

HEY GIRL!!!!!!
I had given up on hearing form you again. sniff! sniff!
I figured you had left us for muscle bound pasture.
And yes, I heard that "my man" ;).
If you are meeting the family then is is getting (if not already gotten)seeeriiiious!
Happpy Birthday to you-you young thing!
The three weeks will fly by!--STAY AWAY FROM THE ICE CREAM!!!!!
It was so good to hear from you again.

Fran said...

WELCOME BACK!! I did miss you!

You had a wild time over the holidays didn't you?! But, it looked awesome!

Your pictures were priceless.
I'm so glad that love face is still there. And, I'm happy you share your sweet life with us. Happy Birthday too.

Praying for your man. And, you too.

The Preacher's Wife said...

How is it possible to have so much fun crammed into such a short time period?? :) You are such a doll and it's so fun watching you live that abundant life of yours.

Much love to you!


Sacchiel said...

It's so great to have you back and blogging!

Janelle & Ella said...

I'm so sad I'm just now reading this post.
So much fun in this post! Welcome Back! You've been missed!
First, I love Jekyll Island. I don't really know anyone else that's been. My family has vacationed there a couple of times.
Second, you and Nate are the cutest thing ever!
Third, the snowy picture of Boston is gorgeous. I would love so much to see a wintry scene like that in person.
Forth, did I mention it's so good to hear from you? :-)