Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Becoming Mrs. Griffin

Hey ladies.
It's the Matron of Honor again. I interrupt this string of live-blogging from Shelly's honeymoon to bring you a video. I'm the one with all the vid footage, and have a few clips I think you'll enjoy.

Here's one:

Activate! from mandy thompson on Vimeo.


Toknowhim said...

That was one of the most precious things I have seen in a long while... I have never heard Mrs. Griffin speak before :)I have only read her posts...so cool to put a voice to the gifted writer.

You both are adorable!!!

Patty said...

That was the most precious, sweetest moment and ya'll made me want to cry!

Mrs. Griffin have a wonderful honeymoon!

Love you,

Holly said...

OH Mrs. Griffin! I love you so!

Praying for you and your man right this second.

Emmy said...

Love it! : )

Teal said...

oh my word how sweet was that?? and there i was 10 feet away, unaware of the cry fest going on without me. if i remember correctly, the massage chair was callin my name.

i love you so much, Mrs. Griffin.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I cried too! You should put a WARNING sign on these kinds of vids Manders!

We know you are happy Mrs. Griffin...:) Enjoy your life:)

Kristen said...

Awww... so precious! I just love both of your sweet southern accents! :)

I remember the first time I could call myself Mrs. Schwark... almost 19 years ago! Awwww

connorcolesmom said...

Oh Mandy thanks for posting that - it was so sweet
and totally made me cry as well!
I remember the moment I changed my credit cards etc into my new married name - bittersweet :)

Love you both!

beckyjomama said...

Yep, made me cry too!

Kelly S. said...

My girls thought that was precious!
Emily says she is praying for you guys.

one of four said...

How wonderful. I've been lurking her for awhile and decided this was too sweet not to comment. Congrats.

jennyhope said...

oh I love it!!! you are so precious!