Monday, February 16, 2009

My husband...and Elizabeth Pointe Lodge

I'm not writing too much of a post, just posting a link so that you can see where Nate and I have been these past couple of days. We fly out for Kauai so early tomorrow morning that only the One who never slumbers nor sleeps will be awake to care. 

Currently,  all Nate and I want to do is sleep. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. And I kinda look like it too; but I don't care  :)  I have the blessing of waking in the morning next to this fine hunk of a man who is now my husband. Most of the time, Nate and I look at each other and start laughing. Sometimes I get weepy over the fact that this godly man before me is the one whom my Merciful Father has given unspeakable picture of grace. My weary mind cannot seem to process anything else other than that. 

We roll out of bed in the mornings and head down to the lodge's breakfast room, where the suns rays' wrap warmly around us. I obsess over their orange juice and fruit (b/c I have a love affair with fruit like no other), while Nate grins over his favorite: eggs benedict. I then manage to gobble down some amazing french toast with warm berries on top and some sugar free syrup, while Nate drools over his beloved piece of orange bread that is literally like orange-flavored poundcake. Yes mam, you better believe we took several slices of those back to our room for later. 

We strolled on the beach yesterday. Nate found two little shark teeth. He was like a little boy who had found his hidden treasure. I loved the look on his face. But the one he has on his face these days makes my heart melt and brings a lump in my throat. We are so overwhelmed at God's goodness over our pitiful lives that we do not know what to do with ourselves. We are humbled and deeply indebted to some loved ones who served as wedding slaves in order to pull this wedding together. [Mandy deserves the biggest matron of honor award you could ever imagine. If it were not for her, I would not have been sane or stress-free.]

I'm about to go grab us lemonade and cookies :)  Nate's sitting here beside me watching some man-channel on television :) His silver wedding band keeps catching my eye, and I breathe heavily once again to keep my tears down. I cannot believe that my Jesus loves me so to unite this spoiled-Jesus brat daughter of His to this fellow imperfect brother whose name I now share. Our hearts' cry is to glorify the Lord with one voice (Rom. 5)...He is our absolute delight.

*Note: Don't you sweet ladies worry that I'm not enjoying my honeymoon because I hopped on here to write a blog. Believe me...I am! But y'all know that writing is an outlet for me; and I am wanting to remember these days as well. Love y'all...

Shelly Elizabeth GRIFFIN!!! 


Heather said...

So excited for you guys! Continue to enjoy your honeymoon~! I prayed for you saturday and I'm sure it was a glorious day!

debra said...

and this is what fairy tales are made of...

God and only God.

mandy said...


(sI haven't yet retired from my matron-of-honor duties...)

Kristen said...

Hello Mrs. Griffin!

What a lovely place to begin your honeymoon! And I can tell you two honeys are over the moon for each other!

Congrats and looking forward to some great pics and a wonderful re-cap when you get back to the mainland!

Much love in Christ!

Linda said...

Have a wonderful time enjoying one another and getting to really know one another. Blessings to you and your husband!

Patty said...

Love you Shelly!!

Adamgv said...

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Amanda said...

I'm so happy for y'all! Enjoy Hawaii!

AKat said...

YAY! What a wonderful post, sweet Shelly Griffin!!!

Kelly S. said...

Mrs Griffin! thank you for the update. It was very thoughtful!! I am still praying for you two and I hope Kauai is wonderful.

safe travels
love you

connorcolesmom said...

I thought about you today as I was driving to my parents house
I have prayed so much for the 2 of you over the past year and I will continue to cover you both during your 2 WEEKS in Kauai
Abby, Nikki, and I were just discussing the amazing God we have and how He amazes us everyday
Your story of how God beautifully orchestrated the meeting, courting and marriage of you and Nate is a great example of that!!
God loves us so much and wants the BEST for us - totally astonishing isn't it!
Thanks for the update - I look forward to some pics - although Nikki had a few and GIRL you were BEAUTIFUL!!
Enjoy that hubby Mrs Griffin!
Much love

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness! You are so cute!
God bless you as you share these days away on your honeymoon!

I was just passing by....and now I wanna go home and kiss my fella (cause I love him too...and am so thankful that God picked him for ME!!)I've been married a long time, almost 20 years. I still feel crazy for him.

Happy and blessed future to you guys! So sweet!

Denise said...

Soooooo Sweeeeeet! Valentine sweethearts forever! God is delighted ... can you see Him smiling?

My sweetie took me to Kauai ... LOVED it! Have an unbelievable honeymoon!

Emmy said...

Oh I have had you all on my heart! Prayed for you in the grocery store yesterday! : ) I love how God puts others on your heart at the weirdest times!

Enjoy Hawaii sweet Griffin family! Oh such a beautiful blessing! This is just like a fairy tale!

(Cute honeymoon place! I grew up in Jacksonville!)

Yankee Mama said...

This was so sweet! Congratulations Mrs. Griffin!

Stacie Lynn said...

Hi :)
I don't know you, but I just wanted to let you know that your writing is so moving. I stumbled on your blog somehow after visiting the Living Proof Ministries blog and I feel so blessed to have done so. I sat today at work and read some of your entries and I had tears rolling down my eyes for almost every one....your love for Christ and the passion in your writing makes me want to love Him more. Thank you for sharing that passion for others like me to read :)

p.s. congrats on getting married! how exciting!!

Heather B said...

Jon and I stayed for a few nights at the Elizabeth point lodge for our honeymoon while awaiting our flight on Monday morning! WE loved it! I hope you guys did too! Congrats Shelly!

Anonymous said...

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