Saturday, August 22, 2009

I want to know

Hey girlfriends (and guyfriends),

I've been thinking about how I'd like to hop back in to my blogworld and with what topic to begin my first post. I really have been digging some new things the Spirit is teaching me in some of my academic reading and own personal Scripture readings. Buuuuttttttt, it is on the wrath of God. Stank...I thought it best not to write my first overdue blog post on God's wrath, because I love you dear things :) So, I'll refrain from it for just a momentary season.

I have decided that before I write anything, I really really want to know how you are doing. I miss you each. I so wish I could make a drive to Alabama, take a flight to Colorado, or Boston, or Florida, or learn to skype. Well, nevermind the's best you don't have to rejoice in the sufferings of my appearance right now. Grin. I actually have a lump in my throat thinking about each of you right now. I can see some of your cute hair styles, hear some of your voices in my head, and recall some of the things God has brought you through, because He delights in the impossible.

So if you would be so vulnerable, I would love to hear how you are. I want the honest response. Give me a one-word adjective, or a paragraph. I don't care. I just would love the unspeakable privilege of having the ability to share our hearts in this strange world of blogland so that we can 'encourage one another daily.' If you want to make your comment anonymous, by all means feel free to do so.

Just here lately, we Griffins can say two things that we know for sure. One, life is hard. I mean s-t-i-n-k-i-n hard. Secondly, the LORD our God IS God, and remains enthroned and in reign, despite of, in the midst of, and even for the purpose of (perhaps) the tragedies, evil, and pain of our present society. We are in a season where our extended circle of dear ones are experiencing some serious loss, hurt, effects of sin, or tragedy.

To be honest, I could go cry face down on my pillow this very moment over some of them. But God.....Sigh.....I keep letting it roll over my Spirit. But God....but God.....but GOD.....IS God and in Him all things work together for good to those who love Him. And what the enemy meant for evil, my God means it for good. He will not fail you (Joshua 3:1-9). Let me tell you something, in His presence there is fullness of joy. At his right hand, are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 15:16). He is quite aware of what you're feeling at this very moment.

I love you. And if you'd be willing, give us an answer to the proposed shout-out, anonymous or boldly :) I cannot wait to hear from you. And after a few days worth of responses, I'll provide my own answer too!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

I am doing alright girlie:) I mean I am experiencing what it means to truly wrestle with God and I am learning it means to worship Him even in the hardest times- He is at my side. True joy does show itself in our suffering! I am going to memorize eph 6:10-18 it will be rough but worth it. " fire by night cloud by day a strong tower in the latter rain, lion of Judah, lord God mighty in power since you did it back then I know you'll do it again," - Cece winans " waging war" / - raising my shield of faith;) angie

Toknowhim said...

Hey Sweet thing...

I can't wait to hear what you are learning about the wrath of God... I want to know every side of God... The complete picture, or at least as much as I can this side of heaven.

My family is experiencing some growing pains...spiritually growing that is. Although I wouldn't consider anything that we have gone through in the last couple of months as earth shattering...the things have been going on are definitely refining some very rough edges of our lives. It takes a lot of these refinings to make us look more like the one we serve and love..

Even this weekend it has been revealed to me how deeply selfish I am... Selfishness has always been a struggle for me, and it has been a struggle that I have found victory with through Christ, but oh sweet girl this sin is very deep rooted in my heart. Today again, I am reminded that I can't choose where I want to be selfless... I have to be that way all the time, in all situations...

Although, I just hate to realize that I still struggle with this sin, I am so thankful that God has made me aware of this sin, and that He gives me a chance to work through it, and become less selfish in the act.

Well, I could go on more, but I will end here so you can catch up with all your other bloggy friends.

Love you sweet thing... hope one day to meet you face to face, and not just online...

Kim (The other "To Know Him")

Anonymous said...

Rejection, insecurity, hurt, growing a little bitter.:(

Heather said...


Jen said...

I'm happy, blessed. Had a wake up call this weekend though.... we've put 3 offers on 3 houses this month and lost all of them. And then our best friends' moved away due to a sudden death in the family... they moved out of the country. I have been feeling such a sense of loss and really not understanding why the Lord is leading me down thsi path.

But this weekend I was reminded that He is guiding my steps. And no matter what, He is good. All the time.

We've missed you, lady!

connorcolesmom said...

What a delight to see your sweet self back in blogland!!
We have missed you
I am doing well - God is taking me through a season of remembering
Remebering what He has done for me and a promise of what He can do
It also means some waiting and patience but that is OK :)
I am so blessed
and as you said Life is hard but we have SUCH a GOOD God :)
So I will sing praises through it all :)
Much love

ocean mommy said...

I have missed you!

Well...I'm coming off of an incredible weekend with some neat ladies. However, God has given me some pretty clear direction on what He wants me to do in a certain area. It's going to be hard and I'm not going to be "popular", BUT...I have to do it.

He has been so faithful to me how can I not obey Him?

Praying now that God will thrill you tonight!

Blessings and Hugs!

Kelly S. said...

I can not tell you how much you have been on my mind the past month, and how much I am wanting to catch up :) We have had it rough the last couple of weeks: my husband droped a tractor thing(?) on his foot and broke it, his grandmother passed away, first week of school, and I've had the flu, Owen the croup and an ear infection!
But so good and I am still working feverishly on the simulcast this weekend. We have had an AMAZING response (Praise You Lord!) expecting around 300 ladies. I am really feeling the heat and would covet your prayers this weekend :)
I have been studying Ephesians this summer. Blog away sister :)
love you

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmed. So Overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Disappointment, dissatisfied, rejection, discontent, lonely

Lindsee Lou said...

Well, completely overwhelmed, exhausted, worn out, spiritually dry, but after a week of non-craziness, and weekend at LPL, I am very refreshed and thankful to our sweet Jesus who knows what I needed. And missing you!

Love you, sister!

Denise said...

Questioning God about so many things. Needing answers, but not getting them. I get weary in the waiting ... relationships seem strained. My mind, body, and spirit needs rest ... true rest that can only come from God. I believe, trust, and know God. Why do I feel this way?

Denise said...

Today is a new day! I am thankful for who God is and what He has done for me. Lord, let me be a blessing to someone today!

Fran said...

Hey precious Shelly...
My season right now is trusting. Thats it...plain and simple and hard.

Praying for you!
Love you much!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I love I can now read your post and KNOW what your voice sounds like:)

Deedra said...

Our life is hard right now. Hubs is laid off as his office closed in May, but God has sent lots of work my way so He is providing!! Our 3rd child is due in 8 weeks, so while things are tough we are so very blessed. We thought there might never be one there are about to be 3!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Working to bridge that gap between knowing and doing..

I got your email and pray for your job search ALL THE TIME. I know God is so real to you as you wait. BTW - an EXCELLENT podcast from Alistair Begg today on the subject. Don't remember the name of it but it's the 9-21 if you get a chance to listen. My word, he even quotes Eric Clapton. All my worlds collided at that moment.

Love you dearly!


AbbyLane said...


Ang baylis said...

Oh, Shelly! I'm sorry I didn't stop over here earlier. I just read your next post first, then decided to come and read these responses. I am going to go ahead and be vulnerable with you since you asked. I miss blog land the way it was when I first began. I will N-E-V-E-R forget your sweet response to a question I had about my daughter. In a strange way it felt "safe" to put my heart out there for the whole world (strangers) to see, but then some family and friends began reading and things changed. I changed. I started filtering out what I wanted my "real" friends to see. Long story short, I don't like it. So many friends on the blog moved over to facebook and I find it extremely shallow and until I just now came to your blog remembered what I've been missing. Your blog brought me to tears. I used to get so much encouragement, now it is different. I met so many nice people on here and we had connections until facebook took over. I struggle with insecurity, rejection too. (More than I'd like to admit. I'm 47 years old for goodness sakes). Anyway, thank you for asking and for really caring! I've missed you! Sorry to write a book. If you have any suggestions on how I can go back to writing the old way, I'd appreciate your words of wisdom!
So much love,
Angie xoxo