Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My love for carbs potentially justified

I love carbs. There is nothing like a soft warm dinner roll to me. Or cereal, a waffle, a good sandwich, muffins, a doughnut, or an entire bag of chips to sustain my need to drink salsa with them. I love 'good' carbs too. I crave fruit at least twice a day and have to have it. But woe is me, those are carb-packed too.

For all of those brave people who prefer to keep care of their temples by moderating or decreasing the amount of carbohydrates they intake, I need to tell you something: We can still be friends and I do esteem you, just let me have that roll that you're not going to eat.

Combined with my outrageous propensity for being hungry and some colossal deliverance years ago, I am shameless about the fact that I like to eat. And I like to eat carbs too. And that is okay.

Because Jesus told me so. Yep. He surely did.

And today, I read about carbs being hot. And I don't mean hot in the Fahrenheit context.

I've undoubtedly read it before, but missed it until now. Y'all know how I told you that I've been in the Song of Solomon for a couple of weeks? Well of course I'm still there because I'm obsessed with details. Lo and behold, that aforementioned couple in holy, crazy, love with one another - they exchange quite the phrases of praise.

The young man, in his aching yearning for his bride, describes how lovely and dignified and beautiful she is. Do y'all know what he said in the midst of some rightly scandalous and romantic verbal exchanges???! This: "Your belly is a heap of wheat, encircled with lilies." Song of Solomon 7:2

He notes her beauty from head to toe, and right smack in the middle of his googly-eyedness, he praises her belly and compares it to being a heap of wheat, encircled with lilies.

Wheat = carbs.
Encircled with lilies --> I'm going to go with those being our present day 'tire tubes' (with no iota of biblical validity)

She must have thought carbs were okay too. I'm pretty sure she and I could be friends. Or maybe not, because she probably wouldn't share her roll with me over Thanksgiving.

I could write a book on healthy and godly views towards our bodies, self-image, and the likes, so you must know that this isn't a subject that I take lightly. And maybe that's why I can laugh about it a bit in the midst of an image-obsessed world where thinness is sadly equated to be superior. This young man, head over heels in love, thought his belly-of-wheat woman was hot. And I like that about him. Grin.

So, just for me, over these next few holiday weeks, I will recall my Song of Solomon woman while I ponder that dinner roll. And I'll give praise to the Lord that my man still loves me with or without encircling lilies.


Lindsee said...

Love, love, love it. Who doesn't love carbs? Yum.

beckyjomama said...

Carbs are Biblical .. AMEN!

Toknowhim said...

You make me smile...

You mentioned wanting to see the Francis Chan video on my blog...oh if you get the chance please is so good...this one had my mind spinning... So much to process...

Love ya girl..

mandy said...

Laughing with you - while handing you my dinner roll. ;)

Love you and miss you and really really really want to hang out soon.

Mary R Snyder said...

This post just makes me so happy! I definitely have that heap of wheat belly... and I love the carbs too!

Jennifer said...

This is one of the best deductions I have ever read from this book! Wonderful Shelly. :-) Want to know what is sad though? I can't have gluten anymore...which means my carbs are mostly limited to rice and potatoes...any verses to encourage me to pretend I like those better than bread? That has been my struggle...:-)

Kelly S. said...

This is a great post and very timely!!! What a beautiful perspecitve you have. LOVED IT :)

Vivian said...

Wow...a world without this entry!

Ang baylis said...

Superb! I've been arguing lately with my lilies- muffin top. In fact, I'm on my way downstairs with my iPod to jump on that machine with some good Praise and Worship music. I'm praying for our husbands to continue to love us with or without our heap of wheat encircled with lilies!
Angie xoxo

p.s. I am waiting for the book you are writing about healthy and godly views towards our bodies. It is SO important for us to get this one! I can tell you, my entire family needs this, so hurry up and get writing! Thanks!

Fran said...

Carbs are my friend, but I must love them wisely or they wreck havoc on me. ;)

And just are awesome and I love you and I thank God for you!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

You're all that and a bag of chips - Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips.