Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the midst of my turkey consumption

Hi all!

I hope you have been able to have a sweet time over the Thanksgiving holidays. Maybe you have had kids running around your living room, 5 am Black Friday alarm ringings, more turkey than you ever needed, or long-missed relatives' faces back for an overdue hug. Nate and I had a wonderful time visiting his sister's family and parents. I'll post pictures of my darling nieces and nephews soon! But until then, I thought I'd share what's been on my mind.

I'm always in a deep contemplative mood during the holidays. I don't want to come across as a solemn unhappy Scrooge during one of the seasons that makes me happiest. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the Christmas season. Or maybe I will on a later post....I think the height of the joy I feel during this time simultaneously brings with it a depth of thoughtfulness upon those less fortunate. Maybe it's because five years of my Christmas holidays were burdened with five years of extreme suffering. Thus, I can't help but think about the widow, the unemployed, the terminally ill, the ears that haven't heard and the eyes that haven't seen. These forgotten ones are very  dear to my heart, but ever near to me the months surrounding December.

For me, the turkey, the manger, the magi, the gifts, and the holy night are all united. They are woven together in my heart and I become lost in passion over the lost of this world. I've followed the weary sinful hearts of a wayward Israel all the way to the holy awaited night of a Savior born. And I cannot stand content knowing that there are those who do not know.

To let images speak more boldly than my words, I am sharing a video link that is beloved by my husband and I. It is one he spent months shooting the footage for, editing, re-editing, and more. And yes, he had a gifted  team of irreplaceable help! It began last November, in the remote bush village of the Moi people.

If you click on the green box of 4 arrows, it will bring the movie to full screen, which is nice. You can watch it without buying it, so forgive me that the link I'm sending you to has the buying option. My intent is not to be husband's saleswoman. Grin.

But I do want us to consider the unreached and the lost in a time that can be tainted by business, materialism, or an aching belly from too many dinner rolls.

PS - There is a brief segment which is slightly heavy. The film is rather intense, so view it first before letting your children do so.

My love to you all....


Kelly S. said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet Shelly!! That was an awesome video...I loved the whole site!
You really made me think with your post...(as always). Love you

Olivia loved her card, she was so surprised and says THANKS!!

Lindsee said...

Going to watch the video soon...

I love you, Shelly and am so thankful for YOU sweet friend. Talk about a sweet heart! You have one. :) Happy Late Thanksgiving. Glad yours was wonderful!

Mary R Snyder said...

amazing video.
I love your heart and the heart of your man (which shows so clearly in this video).

The holidays are such a blessed time but it's also a time when my heart also turns to those around me in need.
Children needing homes
Families needing food
Women needing a safe place
Addicts needing love
People needing a place to be loved and not judged
All needing Jesus

The holidays are precious and special to me but it's so easy to get caught up in our excess, isn't it?

mandy said...

Wow. What a video. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was wondering what you did for T-Give. Wondering where you'll be for Christmas and if I'll see you.

Toknowhim said...

I watched the video too... I do love seeing stories like that... it reminds me to get my focus off myself...

Love ya sweet girl... Kim

Denise said...

Amazing video!!!! Can't wait to show this to my missionary husband! We are both passionate about reaching the unreached for Jesus Christ! Praising Him for Nate ... he is so gifted! Keep impacting the world for our LORD! He is so worth all the glory and all the praise!

jennyhope said...

Shelly I just love you!! Thank you for your surrendered heart to Jesus!! You are a gift!