Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My body hates me

Dear fellow bloggies,

I've had high goals of posting about a week ago, but shortly after Thanksgiving, I fell off the face of the planet. I'm not sure I've mentioned it, but November has been a bit of a rough month for me. For whatever reason, my body has become my enemy. Early in the month, I got your basic miserable cold. It then transgressed to a basic miserable sinus infection (prior to, during, and right after Thanksgiving). After four days of feeling normal and pretty confident that I had kicked all germs in the gluteus maximus, something really ugly overtook me late this Friday night.

Nate had left Thursday morning for the last Deeper Still event of the year. I had connected with one of my favorite single gals here in Nashville on Friday night, and returned home around 10:30 pm (b/c I'm old and I'm allowed to be in bed by then without feeling guilty!) And then it happened...baaah!

Not that you need to know the details, but since late Friday night, I've had a fever ranging from 100 - 101.5, a sore throat (understatement of this entire post), a 20 hour a day sleeping pattern, and I've been leaning over my porcelain bowl in such frequency that I have now noticed its brand is called 'Church.' Only in the midst of a raging fever, chills, and vomiting (excuse me for the gross factor), would yours truly begin to make a spiritual analogy over the fact that her porcelain bowl is branded 'Church.' But the analogies game...yes they did. And for your sake, because I love you, I'm going to spare you my hyperspiritual attitude.

To keep you siesta Mamas' fear at bay, yes I did go to the doctor. And yes, they did rule out strep and swine flu. Unfortunately, he never concluded anything else. Sweet.

But I am on an antiobiotic and I have returned to the land of the living, albeit only for a couple of hours at a time.

Other than that, HGTV is my very best friend when I'm awake. It requires me to say nothing (which makes  my throat happy) and there are no food items or restaurants advertised during commercial breaks (which makes my tummy happy). Additionally, it requires zilch mental stimulation, so its rocking my present mental status.

I do miss you. I've wanted to read the blogs and connect with you in your Christmas seasons. It's always a tender, sometimes tough, but joyful time for me. I hope to return soon - with more words than my latest bah-humbug sick status.

Love y'all.


jo said...

We have a CHURCH potty too. Feel better soon.
Jo (teals friend)

Heather said...

Feel better! now I have to go check my potties and see what kind they are.

Toknowhim said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better... You can talk about whatever you want.. I still love to read your blog posts :)

Denise said...

This Mama siesta is praying extra for you, sweet Shelly! Read Psalm 34:4,7. The LORD is your Deliverer! May He deliver you from whatever you have! Get well soon and smile again!

Three Fold Cord said...

Oh I am so sorry!!! I don't even think they make the brand of potty in that is in my Master bath. We have the same 70's blue toilet the house was built with. :)
Praying for youa dn so glad that your man's last Deeper still was this weekend. ENJOY one another and I look forward to hearing about your "First Christmas."

AKat said...

Girlfriend, you need to get better soon and quit going to "church." (But not church! HA!!)
Seriously, though, I know how frustrated you must feel, being sick for so long. Hang in there, Shelly!

mandy said...


You poor chica. How area you EVER gonna gain weight?!

Ok. I think, if HGTV ever bores you, that you should watch Survivor online. They have all the episodes streaming. You know, 'cause we like to analyze people and all. It's what I did, instead of enjoying Thanksgiving. But I wasn't NEARLY as sick as you.

He said it wasn't the flu? He did?! Hmmm.... maybe it mutated again. I wonder if they'll call this new strand of flu the Shelly-Virus. ;)

On second thought, maybe you shouldn't watch Survivor. The girls are too skinny - and half-naked. ugh

Should I make you some mandy-lu-soup?

Natalie said...

Oh, my friend I'm so sorry you're sick. How nice to know that Church is always there to pick up the pieces, or chunks, of our sad lives.

I love you and hope you're feeling better soon. And I REALLY hope I get to see you when I'm in Nashville. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Shelly! Poor thing...am praying for you!

Kelly S. said...

I'm so sorry you have been so sick. I know how trying that can be. Know I'm praying for you and love you :)

Ang baylis said...

I sure hope you are feeling better by now! I'm SO sorry! I'm praying for you, too!
Angie xoxoxoxoxo

Katie said...

Hey Shelly! I am so sorry that you are sick!!! Oh, and I don't know if you remember me emailing you awhile back for advice on going to seminary, but I wanted to tell you that I just received my acceptance letter today to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary! Yay! I am so excited and I wanted to thank you for emailing me that day about it! If you have any further advice, especially about the languages, just let me know;)

Thanks girl! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!


Lindsee Lou said...

Hi sweet friend. Just popped over to see if you are feeling better?! I so hope so. Love you, lady!

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