Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short and sweet, looking for a retreat

Hi my sisters!

I've been rather wireless here over the holiday season, and unfortunately, I only have a wee moment here on this one.  Also, I just ate five slices of pizza and a cinnamon role and they're making me rather sleepy, so I'm pondering an afternoon nap. Grin.

To forego all the things I'd love to blog about, like my first married Christmas and my Jesus, I'm jumping right to my reason for this brief blog, however direct and presumptuous it may be. In short, Nate and I are researching our get-away from the world options. He's got the rarest commodity in the Griffin household beginning around Jan. 1st/2nd and it will last for nearly a week. It's called time. And it will be his first break in 10.5 months. No exaggeration. The man needs to get away. And I, of course, would love to join my man for his mental break.

All that to say, if y'all know of anyone that has a cabin, a rental, a vacancy, or something along those lines, could you let me know? We are willing to travel. Or at least do our best :)

I apologize if this seems so impersonal. I noted it on facebook, and I felt like the word 'gumption' was written all over my forehead. It's a little much gumption for my personal comfort zone, but nonetheless, I'm desperate. So in the name of keeping my wonderful marriage wonderful, I thought I'd give y'all a shout-out.

My love to you all
PS - I pray you continue to ponder His birth. It has taken me over this Christmas like none other. I want Him so much more for all of us.


Mary R Snyder said...

Sweet girl, I don't have a rental or cabin, but I will share that when me and hubs need a getaway we head to the mountains and stay in gatlinbug on ski mtn. It's away from the crazy, but close enough to enjoy the food, the national park, but my favorite thing to do:

sit on the deck and just take in the incredible view.

Holly said...

There's Keystone...just shoot me an email. Though, I hope by now you are on your way to your location!!

Love you and prayers for a Jesus-filled New Year for you and your fella!

Kelly S. said...

I so hope this worked out for you :) We spent the New Year in Asheville, NC. Just a couple of days, but it was kind of like a family reunion. I hope you had a wonderful New Year!

love you

Denise said...

We have friends who have a beach house in Grayton Beach, FL. It is beautiful with 4 bedrooms ... the master is gorgeous. I know that it is too late now, but next getaway (esp. before summer) we might could get ya'll a good deal.

Emmy said...

Hope you found something! I pray you are there and are having the BEST time! You all deserve it! : )