Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Home, home on the range...where the seagulls and porpoise play

Sweet sisters,

I just wanted to let you know that my blog may be on hibernation mode for the next few days. I'm leaving for home tomorrow (St. Simons Island, GA) and will drag myself back Monday afternoon for work.

I am so looking forward to my time there. It's the middle of the summer for me, thus my body is screaming for some rest. I've got about 8 restaurants calling my name, along with the beach, my sweet doggies, the pool, and my friends and family. I intend to eat A LOT, play hard, and probably not sleep as much as I should. (I have some dear friends coming into town from Boston and Nashville; seeing as my primary 'love language' is quality time, I'm going to be soaking up the fellowship).

I love home. I love the way the marsh smells. I love that you will always see someone you know (okay...well maybe this is one of those 'love/hate' moments depending on if I looked like I just rolled out of bed or not). I love that I would rather eat at the family-owned restaurants than those that make up a chain. I love that it encompasses a myriad of historical sites (i.e. - Battle of the Bloody Marsh, Fort Frederica, and Epworth by the Sea). I love the giant live oaks whose branches are a canopy to our winding island roads. But most of all, I love the people there. They are the most authentic, imperfect, all- or-nothing Body of Christ that I have ever encountered. And that is why it is the most 'home' I have on this earth of ours.


jenny said...

You know I understand every word of this blog. Give me love to Drew and Mandy. And enjoy being on our beloved island!

Lisa said...

Your description is so lovely and heart-felt. It makes me want to come with you.
Maybe you can slip in a few episodes of "I Love Lucy" while you are there. I hope you have wonderful time.
After all -
"There's no place like home."
Blessings for a safe and happy trip.

P.S. Check out the new look of my blog.

Lindsee said...

My sweet friend, have a wonderful time at home and get some rest (well, hopefully get some rest!)

I too love my home town, Houston. Not as small as yours, but the people do make all the differece. Especially family!

Big HUGS!!

Kelly S. said...

I sure would like a few days at the beach! and how much sweeter that it is your home. I hope you have a great time and be safe!!
Love you,
ps. loved your "blonde" post...still laughing

connorcolesmom said...

Have a blast at home! I love going home and just got back yesterday.
And you crack me up with your blonde moments!! Oh I feel your pain wait until you have children -almost all my brain cells are gone! -hehee

THE SMITHS said...

Oh poor thing, about the pool! Hope you have a great time back home :)

connorcolesmom said...

I just had a friend e-mail that she can not go to the Beth Moore conference in Sept and she has 2 tickets !!
You want them?
I have sent an e-mail to some of my other friends as well.
Let me know :)

Tammy said...

Have a relaxing time at home Shelly! I am at my hometown as well this week. Enjoying the sunsets on my parent's lake. The smell of all the flowers. Fishing with the kids. The wind on my face while riding in the boat. Home cooked meals.(and eating out at our favorite pizza place) The warmth of a bonfire at night. Watching my kids run through the sprinkler.
Thank you Jesus for memories.
Thank you for sharing yours with us Shelly. Have a nice day.


connorcolesmom said...

The SEpt conference is the Deeper Still in Nashville but I think I just sold both tickets. I will let you know though. I am still saving you a room - it would be a blast if you could be there!!
I hope you are having fun at home!!
God bless,

jennyhope said...

Shelly come back to blog land!! :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, SHUT UP! I didn't know you were from St. Simons...I have a few words for you...

Crab Daddys and Crab Shack
Mullet Bay
Sweet Mama's
Barbara Jeans
Frederica House

My mouth is watering right now for a Sweet Mama's Key Lime Pie! :))

Hubby's aunt and uncle have a house on College Street...( a couple over off the beach)

Love, love, love your island! ;))