Friday, June 29, 2007

Nope - you're not hallucinating!

PS - Sorry for the blog design change with no warning! It's not b/c you haven't had your coffee today. I'll try not to change it again without an official warning! (Well - 'I' didn't technically change it. Mandy was super nice and took the time to do it for me. You know you got a good friend when you let them change your blog :) Besides, she's totally artsy and creative and a singer and an artist, and I'm totally not). The former lighthouse background made me feel like I constantly needed to throw someone a life preserver. Seeing as I have zero upper arm strength, am a pathetic 'savior,' (trust me - Jesus is so much better) and couldn't climb the stairs to the top of it anyway, I just had to have something new! Thank you for bearing with me. Love you siestas!


jennyhope said...

hey Shel! My brother is 16 would you believe that? People think he looks older. He is a sweetie though. He still has never had a girlfriend or anything he is sooo shy...

love jenny

jennyhope said...

hey also, i would love to help you with bible works. i just use standard mode and use KJV when I want to go to greek, hebrew, or aramaic. I have used it for years so you may have a better version more updated.

Lisa said...

The blog change is nice. I changed mine a week or so ago also - I just wanted something different.
Different is good!!
I love your pictures - is that your mom in the picture with you??
I see where you get your beautiful good looks.
Love Ya!

Lindsee said...

I love the new look! :)


A man said...

I'm not worried about hallucinating at your website cause this is the first time I have seen it! What I think I did hallucinate and see was that you love the background music at olive garden. hmmm. haha! Too funny!

MC Hammer

Sharon said...

I have been playing around with mine too.I actually started with the one you have now and then went to the lighthouse template.
Finally I got tired of that too and have been playing with my color and pictures. I thought about paying someone to design one but then I figured I would have some fun and play around with a blog that I do not publish. When I figure that one out then i change my public one. My brother who programs computers for a living is supposed to help me out. We will see what I end up with.

connorcolesmom said...

I am glad to see the new blog site although I liked the other one too.
"It made me feel like I constantly needed to throw someone a life preserver..." - too funny

God bless,

mandy said...

you're welcome