Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boaz Budget

I embarked on a 8.5 hour trip yesterday to come down and visit my sister Sheila in Clearwater, FL. I've missed her, and I'm looking forward to 'playing' like we sisters do, beating her in Mario Kart (for you Jennyhope), sleeping in, going to the beach, and being a nerd as long as I want to in Barnes & Nobles. So, I'm writing to let you siestas and any beloved lurkers out there know that I'll be a little quiet in blog land for the next week. I'll check in when I can, and be sure to post some pictures from my time here at the end. And finally, you sweet girls are the ones who have to read what the Lord is brewing in my whenever I get through this holy beating with Him, I'll let you know.

For now, I just needed to brag about my Jesus. I had to drive a U-Haul yesterday (well - actually it was a 'Budget' truck, but everyone knows the generic U-Haul term). It's full of my apartment belongings from my past 2 years and my sister is kindly letting me store it at her house. This is going to help me out particularly if I go to Boston too. case you missed it - I HAD TO DRIVE A U-HAUL truck for 8.5 hours! I don't know about any of you ladies, but this has not been on my resume yet. These are the moments in my life where I really wish I had a boyfriend. I'm not saying I'm discontent without one, but I'm not exactly U-Haul experienced. I thought about borrowing some other girl's boy, but then decided that probably wasn't too legit. So, I waved my finger to the Lord and somewhat sternly reminded Him that He was my Husband. Hence, he better 'act like it.' :)
Kiran helped me all morning with the traveling to and fro's and loading. (She is such a true friend...I am humbled that I get to be her friend.) I told her I was petrified of driving this thing! She told me in all hysterics and seriousness 'Oh Shelly! It is so blog-worthy though. You can do this and those women know you can!' Lol - I took whatever motivation I could at that point. I had several blogging spiritual mama's praying for me, and I needed to let you know that I truly felt those prayers. The drive took me less than it has in the past and I really felt like His angels just picked me up and flew me here. Thank you!
I also felt that since we'd be bonding so much, my Budget truck needed a name. (I give my cars a Jesus Name...I know...I'm weird). So, hence the Lord was being my man yesterday and taking care of the heavy duties of this drive, Kiran and I only felt that Boaz Budget was fitting. We all need a Kinsmen Redeemer right?
Apparently, I was a sight to see. There were a handful of men that lined up to see me off at the Budget Truck company. They stood in a line smiling, chuckling, wishing me a safe journey, and shaking their heads. I also passed by truckers on the road who would take a double-glance at this new driver on their eye level. I guess my over-sized diva glasses and big gold earrings didn't help my look. But I had to be as girly as I could possibly be. So maybe I did overcompensate a little; but the U-Haul just wasn't working with my whole look and personality, so the accessories were in due call.

For your pure laughing enjoyment
(Sorry about the shortness of my shorts. I think they'd ridden up a little when I climbed to get on the truck.)
I bid you Adieu


jennyhope said...

GIRL! you are almost as funny as me...almost. No seriously in humility I am going to consider you better than myself on this one. YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I had to jump over and comment on Boaz Budget! I love you Shelly!!
give Him the praise and you are so adorable!
I heart J Alexanders. I wish I could find you a man worthy but Jesus has got your back! Go beat the daylights out of some mario kart!

Jeremy & Heather said...

Hope your trip with your sis is great fun! Enjoy the beach and sleeping in ... Can you remind me what that is? I don't think I've done that in a sweet forever!

Dori said...

YOU are precious! This made me laugh and wish I was young again....sigh....:)

God is a great husband until He brings you His best...



Lindsee said...

You are too cute. :) And hilarious, I might add.

And, a better woman than I driving the "U-haul" by yourself. (I feel you on the whole boyfriend thing, sometimes their just necessary!) :)

Glad your there safely!! Enjoy your stay and get some rest, sister!!

Debra said...

You are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe you drove that all the way there! Why is it that youdon't have a husband? You are so pretty! Have fun with your sis! A few more weeks and I'll be with mine too!

connorcolesmom said...

I love the muscle pose in front of Boaz Budget!!
I am so glad God stands in for us in times of need b/c seriously driving a U-haul freaks me out - I have done it and do not like it!
I was also praying for you and I am so glad you will get some time with your sister!
Have a great week!!

MelanieJoy said...

Girl you are a hoot!!!! Glad you made it there safe and sound. Enjoy your visit! Soak up a few rays of sun for me while you're there :)

Linda said...

How funny is that. You teeny tiny thing driving a U-Haul. What a great outlook though. The Lord truly is your husband and I am so inspired by such a spirit filled person. Thanks for your transparency. Have a great time with your sister.

Teri said...

Oh Shelly, you so totally rock that Budget Truck! I especially love the coordinating T-shirt, always the fashionista!

You are such a fun girl...your husband is going to be thrilled on many levels to find his bride!

Have a ton of fun with your sister! The Siestas will be here when you getr back!

.insignificantly significant. said...


I have been lurking you dearly to find a blog on Boaz! Jesus is totally and Praise Him for watching you drive Mr. Boaz. Enjoy your time with your sister, my friend! It is an honor to be your friend and sister and to experience Boaz lovin' with ya! I'm getting way hyphy about the Beth pre-conference! =)

PS: Pray for Minnie---I probably need to give her a more divine name b/c today she gave out on my for a little bit and I was going 20 mph up a hill and cars slowed down to stare---ha ha ha. I thought it was hilarious. My sister on the other hand was thoroughly embrassed! =)

Little Steps Of Faith said...

You are a funny one...

Yea, so you are in jealous, my parents were there while I was in NJ on vacay...Its 2hrs from where I am in FL.

Had to share this cute story I know you'd appreciate.

I was walking on clearwater beach, and I was looking down on the ground and picked up something that looked like a sharktooth, and I was like all proud, and then I walk a little further, and look down on the ground to see another one, and realize God was speaking, " Ang, what you have isn't a shark tooth, let me show you a real one." Gotta love Him lol.

Have fun!


Boy & Girl said...

You are so brave to drive that truck! Maybe you could get a part time job as Budget's new spokes gal? LOL. And what are we going to do with out your blog for a week? We are all going to go into Shelly withdrawl. Have fun at the beach.

Amy Kate said...

LOL you are so cute! I'm so glad you made it there safely. You're a braver woman than me!

Fred said...


take heart, girl! Although I'm a quote.. "piano player" ... (end quote) ... and imagine that being said in a critical tone ..

I grew up in Middle/South Georgia, my Dad was a County Agent and farmer, and was around all the stuff .. so, no limp wrists here.

In spite of that ... when I met and married Joy ... she HAD and STILL HAS more tools than I do .. and when something rough/tough needs to be done around here .. all too often, she can DO IT. And that is OK with me!

Good to see girls who can drive a big truck, haha!

For the Kingdom,

Jen the Newlywed said...

Oh sweet Shelly, I am giggling so bad right now. I am proud of you for driving that big scary thing. You're a brave girl!

Lisa said...

You Go Girlfriend!!! You ROCK!! Who needs a man when you've got God with you all the way?
I totally agree with Sista Dori - God is a great husband and He will bring you His best - when He's ready.
In the mean time - you just keep on truckin' with God.
Have a great trip and lots of love!!

Kristen said...

You are just the sweetest thing! You reminded me of days past when I was a single gal - taking it upon myself to install ceiling fans and ceiling lights, cutting grass and all that!

Jesus is your Bridegroom!

Enjoy your time w/ your sis - I cherish my two sisters!


PS: I named my car too - I have a Volkswagon Jetta and her name is "Joan" Jetta

CrownLaidDown said...

Yeah God! Thanks for taking care of Shelly!

My uncle used to live in Clearwater and we went there every summer. It rained almost every afternoon and then was perfectly beautiful!

Praying for you!

AKat said...

Shelly! Thanks for the comments. I have been so terrible about leaving them lately... Boston! Awesome. My sis-in-law will be in CT, and she's making the move to Yankee land from Texas! Ah! Maybe y'all can be a support system. :) I LOVE THE PICS! Too cute!

mandy said...

only you can get away with shakin' your finger at the Lord!
glad you made it safely.... wow.

NspiredByFaith said...

You go girl! Once you get the hang of driving the big trucks, it's kind of fun! When we were building our house, we loaded all of our belongings up in a big truck so we could move them all to the new house at once. Well, the day came that this truck had to be moved, and when the builders told me it needed moving, I said, "Okay, I'll be over there in a minute!" To which he laughed. I had quite the audience when I moved that truck, I know they all thought I'd drive it off into the pond,...I didn't! I'm glad you had a safe trip!


Janelle & Ella said...

Cute pictures!! Glad to hear you conquered the Budget!

holy chaos said...

you are too funny!

Kelly S. said... glad you made it. I checked in as soon as we got home!! I honestly prayed for angels to surround you.....Praise God. He is just too much.
Have fun and be careful coming home!

Love you,

.insignificantly significant. said...

New blog please..........I have lurked this entry wayyyyyyyyyyy too much.

connorcolesmom said...

I know you are a huge prayer warrior so I need you to offer some prayers my way for my fall study. I am under HUGE attack right now!
I got an awful phone call from a "friend" this morning and I am so tempted to call off the fall study.
Please pray for God to give me wisdom in this situation.

Abby said...

dude...have you seen this?!

i'm thinking about it for real...

The Preacher's Wife said...

so I am just now trying to catch up on some did i miss this? how could I not have known before hand you were driving a budget all by your lonesome?

I am so proud of you!! that's a girl with some chutzpah - you make us want to be brave!!!

and the shorts? i am also proud you are concerned for modesty though let me reassure you no where near crossed the line some of our little young thangs at church do...bless your heart for caring what we thought!

going off to read some more!