Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I needed a Tinker Bell

Hello blogging siestas! I finally have a moment to catch up on some tags and try to redeem myself from looking like I'm ignoring them. I'm not though! And I'm so sorry if I haven't honored one yet. You can send me a reminder; I'll need it these days! Okay...enough of that. Can you bear with me if I do two in one post!? (Ahh! The breaking of blog etiquette!) :)

Mandy, my bff, wants me to share 8 things you may not know about me. Seeing as this is blogville, this shouldn't be too difficult. But, I'm going to post some really weird ones to see if I can actually list anything that she doesn't know about me. Then I'll tag 5 of you :) And following this one, I will complete homegirl Jennyhope's tag. They're both fairly short, so if you stick with it, I'll give you a high five and a lollipop. Okay....kidding :)

1) The cornea of my left eye has a wee small hole in it. I was on the beach one day as a kid and a grain of sand decided to have a fight with it.
2) My great great great (etc.) grandfather was the chief of a Cherokee Indian tribe. (Does that mean I can claim princess status? lol).
3) I am a shameless dancer at weddings. Give me a dance floor. No partner or alcohol required.
4) I toilet papered my highschool principal's house. And he still doesn't know!
5) I love to drink the juice from a pickle jar when all of the pickles are gone! (I know...gag if you want...you're really missing out though.)
6) I have this huge fear (and hatred of) rubber-bands or pony-tails being aimed anywhere near me for shooting.
7) I giggle in my sleep (like 3-4 times a year apparently).
8) I watched Peter Pan one too many times when I was a kid. You know how I know that? Because there was a period of weeks when I believed that I could fly. This meant I also tried to fly. I'd spend my afternoons in our front yard, running a full fledged sprint to the other side of the yard (giving myself ample take-off room), and then flail my hands simultaneously as I took a big leap to get off the ground at the end. One day, I got smart and decided to pull out my mini-trampoline (I used to do gymnastics) out at the end of my yard so that I could get higher ground when I took my big leap. I just knew it would propel me into flight status. I bounced on the trampoline with all 50 lbs. of me, then waited to soar into the blue skies...and landed abruptly bottom first on the ground. My hands that were in flight status didn't even break the fall. Needless to say my rear end hurt, so I sat there for a few seconds catching my breathe. THEN, I had a hissy fit slapping myself right there on the ground because I'd landed in a massive bed of ants!!! Did you catch that people? My rear end landed in a massive bed of ants! I never tried to join the Peter Pan movement again!!!

I TAG: Military Mommy, My Heavenly Wings, In the Midst of It, Facedown, and I am Not.

5 things I want to do before I die:
1) Go to Israel
2) Go sky-diving
3) Take dance classes with my husband (oh wait...have a husband!)
4) Fulfill God's purpose for me
5) Go to Barcelona and Paris

5 things I can do:
1) Eat sweets! lol
2) Dance
3) Chill at the beach!
4) Chemistry - b/c I'm a dork
5) Shop!

5 things I cannot do:
1) Eat mayonnaise, butter, or ketchup - uggh!
2) Leave things unresolved
3) Sing. (Sadly, this doesn't stop me in the least bit!)
4) Physics
5) Cook

5 things that make a man attractive to me:
1) His heart for God
2) Humility...I hate pride :(
3) Eyes
4) Love and respect he has for his own family.
5) Honor/integrity/courage

5 celebrities I crush on:
Uhm....I can't say that I have any celebrity crushes, but if I did...
1) Matthew McConaughey
2) Robert Redford
3) Carry Grant (he's just wonderful isn't he?)
4) Pierce Brosnan
5) Jude Law

anyone who wants to tag themselves here for this one, go for it! I've got to get to work on packing! Love you all! Can't wait to see the answers :) Let me know when you do!


Jeremy & Heather said...

Fun Fun! Have fun on your trip.

Sharon said...

I am with you on the trip to Israel.
I'll have to add that I would like to walk the streets with a now Muslim friend. When we walk them I want her to have been saved so that we are walking the streets our Savior walked.

mandy said...

HEY Flying Princess - you did GREAT at surprising me on the first meme. :)
i've seen you in action at weddings... am shocked about TP @ the principal's! am surprised i haven't heard the sleep giggling! have always thought your drinking our old pickle juice was disgusting.... & i have experience with your rubber-band phobia. and all that "flying as a kid stuff" - not hard to imagine with you!
as for second meme! LOL!!!! we can help you w/ the dance classes & i wanna go to Paris w/ you... and you CAN sing (i've heard it!)... and where did ROBERT REDFORD come from???
love you in all your idiosyncrasies!

Given Grace said...

Hey Shelly... I'm new to the blog world so I was happy to see your fun tags, its a fun way to get to know others.

Have fun on your trip!

Sacchiel said...

Don't you just love having those dreams where you're truly flying (and not just falling with syle?) LOL

Lisa said...

Yes, Cary Grant IS wonderful!! Don't forget about Clark Gable - no self-respecting Southern girl can ever forget Rhett Butler!! (sigh)
I dream of going to Israel someday too! I would love to walk where Jesus walked with my two guys! What a blessing that would be.

Glad you liked my Chahlston pictures. I hope you have as much fun on your trip as I did on mine.
I'll pray for God's travel mercies on you.

holy chaos said...

cool info! : )

ang baylis said...

Hey Shelly,

You won't believe this but I was just going through some old e-mails and it just occured to me that it was YOU who helped me so much with my daughter!!! I KNEW I liked you, but now I remember just HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE!!! (I never put two and two together...)

Thank you again for your sweetness and especially for your obedience!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing... pickle juice?? I'm sorry, but I don't think I could even do that one!!!


Lyndy said...

Love learning more about you. I used to love pickle juice too. (lol)

.insignificantly significant. said...

Ha ha...I love all those things about you.

Just filled out mine...

your fav lurking weirdo

Anonymous said...

I loved what you said about trying to fly! Too funny!

I too love pickle juice although I haven't drank any in years!

And I too would love to go to Israel!

Amy Kate said...

"3) Take dance classes with my husband (oh wait...have a husband!)" Seriously laughed out loud! Sounds just like me and my girlfriends. Oh and Matthew McConaughey and Jude Law definitely would qualify for my celebrity crushes...with Patrick Dempsey slightly above them hehehe.

CrownLaidDown said...

Can I copy the first part of that? I am so bad! I haven't done one tag, yet...mainly because I forget it the next day. I was actually thinking about reading back through my email to see what I need to write about :)

Girl, I'll dance with you...I love to dance...and taught Chris how to (since he's a Baptist).

And I'm praying for that wonderful man for you. He has to be very special! And love you like the princess you are...and think that giggling in your sleep is terribly cute!

I went to school with Matthew M. at UT and in high school, he went to our rival school (same year). I never ever saw him, though, not that I remember. Funny, huh?
Praying for you, Siesta!

tammy.in.minn. said...

Hi Shelly,
I enjoyed reading your post today!
If I may just tell you what my younger bro. would say...the one in Minnesota!:)

5 Things he wants to do before he dies:
1) Find a wife.
2) Live in the mountains.
3) Probably sky-diving. He has bungee jumped before. :)
4) Have a family full of children.
5) Travel with his wife and children.

5 Things he can do:
1) Find a great restaurant.
2) Play mario kart.
3) Architecture.
4) Encourage his sister with just the right words.
5) Take his front tooth in and out. :) I can explain later. Ha

5 Things he cannot do:
1) eat meat without trimming every little piece of fat off.
2) Dance or sing
3) Skip
4) Wear a hat because of his head shape.
5) Sleep in. (most of the time)

5 Things that make a girl attractive to him:
1) If she can leave the house with no make-up on.
2) Contentment.
4) Her relationship with her family.
5) Enjoys the little things in life...walks, coffee, pizza, driving, sitting at Northwestern Bookstore together for hours.

Just for fun Shelly!
Bless you. I hope you are having a great summer.