Monday, July 9, 2007

Just a few reasons why I love Him so

Okay! I've been tagged by my sweet Patty to answer the following questions. I am going to do my best to be anti-Shelly in completing it, which means I'll try to be brief!

Here are the rules:

1. those tagged will share 5 things they dig about Jesus…
2. those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers…
3. those tagged will post a comment here with their name and a link to their “dig” Jesus list…

1A - The fact that Christ died on the cross. As much as God is a forgiving and merciful God, He is also a God of justice and righteousness. We wouldn't want Him any other way! But because of the latter, He is a God of holy wrath. Thus, the death of Christ on the cross is something that God is marking deeper on my heart. Ladies, if we are not being reveled and shattered by the cross of Christ, we are missing it.
2A - That He is my Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Mekoddishkem: He who provides and the One who sanctifies me respectively. These areas are ones where I continually realize my poverty (whether materially, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally), so this side of our LORD always overwhelms and humbles me. Because I am so lacking here, getting to know Him as this has been more than I could have ever believed.
3A - That He is stinking fun! I never have more fun than when I am having fun in Him; and with my siestas! He is NOT boring, nor is His Word!
4A - And speaking of, His Word is another thing I love about Him. Oh how I love it.
5A - And for a final thought on what I love about Christ, I'd have to say that I love how He is a jealous God who wants His glory to be made known. Consequently, He is watching over the affections of my heart and keeps me in line by His grace. It is a privilege to be on His journey.
6A - He's my boyfriend. What else can I say!??? I'm a drama queen that can be high maintenance, yet He still loves me! lol
7A - I'm His favorite :)

2. I tag Mandy, Abby, Anna, Kim, and Jenny

PS - ANYONE can leave their own comment about why they dig Jesus :) I just couldn't 'tag' everyone or I would allow blog world to become a time-consuming stronghold! lol...Forgive me!


mandy said...

LOL - am i having a bad-counting day or did you give 7 reasons?
thanks for the tag...
can't wait for carole's surprise today!

holy chaos said...

can a blog be a time consuming stronghold???? (hehehehe... i know what you mean!)

I love it that Jesus is a rewarder of those who seek him.

Sharon said...

Know what you mean about the stronghold thing. I have had to make sure I have my Bible time before I sit down to start tapping.
I love that he is a Jealous God because other wise he would not miss if I had not been around for awhile. And I agree---His love for me is incredible. My mind can not fathom how it could possibly be.
But I am so glad and thankful that He chose me.

Sharon said...

Almost forgot--
I think we can find a spot for you when we sit down one afternoon in eternity wit O.C.
I think I want to have a meeting with Paul first and ask him what was the real meaning and history behind some of the things he wrote about women. ;)

jennyhope said...
here is where my answers are!!

jennyhope said...

you are such a beautiful girl Shelly! I hope you know what Delight the Lord takes in you!!

JentheNewlyWed said...

You're His favorite?? That's so cool because I'm His favorite too! Can I link you please? :)

Teri said...

Hey Shelly! I was tagged for this one I was do you make a blogroll link thing on the side of your blog(I am somewhat technically stunted in my growth...but I am learning! Help a Siesta out!!) ...and also, when I finally figure out how to do this...can I put you on mine?

Amy Kate said...

I loved reading your answers, seeing other peoples love for Jesus is truly a beautiful thing! Have a great day girl!

mandy said...

jennyhope tagged me too.... does that mean i gotta do this twice?
ps: no more pizza/cookiedough for you!

Teri said...

Thank you SO MUCH Shelly! I have a brand new blog link list on my blog and YOU are on it! Thanks again girl!

jennyhope said...

girl, seriously do you just travel the world and see all of the most popular Christians? I mean how do you get away with all of the sweet hookups? I am so jealous. I am so glad I met you because everyone makes fun of me for traveling to wherever Beth is and now I met my sister spirit who does the same. That would have done me in to hear her sing.
Bible study went well tonight I took pictures of the girls with Beth! he he! I hope you got some good time with Jesus!! love you! so are you going to hear beth in at on Aug 10? I cant wait!!

Megan said...

Oh Shelly, how that is so convicting to read! I need to love Him much more than I do. I definitely love other things more sometimes. You are such a beautiful and godly girl. Hope all is well and thanks for my comment on my last entry. Enjoy my Georgia for I love and miss it so. Take care!

Kelly S. said...

My favorites (today):
Salvation: God chose us, Jesus redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit sealed us!! (Eph 1)
That was our sermon Sunday it was so awesome.

4. In keeping with your Names of God: El Olam -eternal God who works His purposes throughout the ages.

5.Elohim- all powerful one Creator. God knows all and creates all.
#5. gives me chills!!! I also love Nicole C's song by that name.

Hope your surprise went well!

Janelle & Ella said...

This is a great post! You obviously have such a strong ministry for Christ. What a blessing you are for His Kingdom?!

jennyhope said...

have you done Daniel? this is my second time to lead it and it is so good. last night we covered week four about the humbling of King Neb and girl i needed to hear it again. it was a now word and i have been praying that it would abide with each person and that we would take heed QUICK when the Lord warns us HOT you are going to get BURNED! I wish i could get it all of the time and just walk in truth...i hate that my heart is ever prone to leave the God i love!

RealEstateGirl said...

Amen! Siesta friend!

By the way, I've purchased those awesome knives and they really do cut anything! ;-)

mandy said...

btw - i'm a huge fan of yours!
lv u

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I wasn't tagged by you, but I am sure God would love me to comment, so...

1. I dig Jesus because...he is my rock, he knows how to keep me strong when there is no strength left within me.

2. He keeps the enemy at a distance, and I know nothing can happen unless He gives permission.

3. Because he is Jesus.

4. He made all of the beauty of creation from a grain of sand, to the smallest raindrop.

5. He never changes, I know He will still be Jesus tomorrow.

6. He died so I would have a chance to have a free life where sin only is a memory.

7. He has brought many great people in my life to just overwhelm me more with how great, deep, wide is HIS love for me!

:-) Angie

Little Steps Of Faith said...

By the way, thanks for all of your sweet comments, as I get older its like I can write the blogs, but my attetion span seems to b getting worse lol.
But I love ya, and promise to stop by often:-)


jennyhope said...

GIRL I am already rocking out to some CeCe now! I am pumping myself up for the dentist!!
Are you trying to make me jealous about all of that praising?!?!? NOT FAIR!
I pray you pray we pray is what I am singing now!
I cant remember if you are going to atlanta aug 10! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard all the hotels are already sold out! Since I am only going to hear beth on that Friday I guess I will drive over that morning!

I pray you pray we pray!!!

AKat said...

Oh, thanks! I just got in from Dallas and am a bit sick, so give me a few days to get it done. Hope you are doing well, Shelly!