Saturday, July 7, 2007

Goat-training and sleep depravity

I went to a first-time babysitting job on Friday evening for a set of adorable 3 year old twins, and an 18 month old. I LOVE little ones, so this is nothing but fun for me. However, before my night even started, I realized that my three nights of insufficient sleep were taking their toll. On my way there, I was following the directions I had written down on a notepad. Guess what? Directions to Macon, GA will not get you to a neighborhood by the Atlanta zoo. But I sure tried! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I realized I was following the directions to Macon from last week's directional needs and NOT the 3rd page of my note pad's directions (which contained those to the sitter's house).

1) I also want to esteem all of you mothers out there. I now understand why you have trimmed biceps and triceps. Clearly, I had not eaten a sufficient amount of my Wheaties that day, for it was all I could do to hold one each on an arm. I looked like a struggling sumo wrestler. Another realization that I needed more sleep.

2) I also understand why you're all stick thin. I could not master the art of feeding the three of them, making sure the green beans went in their mouth and not their noses, and answering a plethora of 'why' questions in the process. I never even thought about the fact that I hadn't managed to feed my own self until about 10 pm that night. I was too tired to care by that point.

3) Guess what else? The 3 year olds diapers doesn't go on the 18 month old. If you do that, it will fall off.

4) The twins apparently had made covenant with one another to not cease talking when they were supposed to go to bed. So they didn't...For an hour, my sleep depravity left me making the poor choice and thought that if I kept walking up the stairs to make them mind me, they would hush. (I'm sure you mothers are laughing!).

Praise Jesus. He brought to 'remembrance all things.' (Yes - It says ALL!). Warning - you can laugh at what follows. I once trained a goat (yes - you heard me...a goat) at the Atlanta Zoo my junior year of college for an Experimental Applied Psychology class. It's quite a fascinating field in all honesty, and the practical things we learned are actually used in child behavior. SO, I remembered how I taught my beloved goat to bow (yes - if you go to the Atlanta Zoo and find a goat named Amani, he will bow for you on command). Now hear me! I'm NOT saying that children are like goats!!! But I remembered how to reinforce and not reinforce whatever behavior it was that I was desiring. Oh yes mam - they were silent within the next twenty minutes :) Jesus really CAN redeem ALL things. Even the embarrassing confession that you trained a goat in college.

5) On my way home, despite my being tired, my empty stomach took reign. Hmm...what do I want at midnight! Oh but of course - Arby's! Because who doesn't love curly fries at midnight!?? I placed my order, got my sandwich, and drove off WITHOUT my fries or drink :( (Did I mention that earlier in my day I drove up to my dry-cleaners, rolled down the window to hand her my clothing, and didn't have any of it with me. Yea...I looked real cool then too.)

In conclusion, I want all of you to know that I got lots of sleep Saturday night. I was scheduled to work a double 13 hour shift at work, and told Jesus that I just didn't have it in me. Wouldn't you just know it that we had an extra person for the evening shift who was able to take my place. Oh He is so good.

And so is my bowing goat :)

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Lisa said...

Siesta - your talents never cease to amaze me. A goat trainer - who'd a thunk it?
Sounds like you had a very interesting night - now you see why the parents hired a babysitter!lol
Remember - babysitters are one of God's greatest blessings!!!

Lyndy said...

Oh my word a goat trainer. Now that is interesting.

I love reading your blog. You have such a true sweet heart. Glad you were able to get some rest.

From one GA girl to another...have a blessed Sunday.


mandy said... were far worse off than i thought! i don't know what to laugh at more, the stories of the kids or the fact that you put those goat pics on your blog!!!
so....did you use the clicker on the kids?
and i'm also wondering why i didn't know that you keep a note-pad for directions! i'm mighty impressed.

Abby said...

shelly. you trained a goat. why were we not friends before februray. that is the greatest thing i've heard all day. a week ago i was being scared off of my towel by crabs...and you are training goats. so many talents....the layers of shelly never cease to amaze me ;)

Teri said...

Wow, now I have sen it all! If only it worked on men!!! (Totally just kidding!)
I am glad you got out of that double shift...those are hard! (Most of the time well worth it...but hard none the less!)

Sharon said...

Now if we could bottle what you experienced---we would make a bundle. All we would have to do is give a dose of that a day to young girls and we would have many girls thinking twice before they stepped into areas they should not.
I am glad I am passed those years. But I can not say puberty and the teen years are much better.
Enjoy you single years!

Beloved said...

Oh my word this may be long because I feel your pain in all of those ways! I'm horrible about sleep deprivation, I think the worst thing I've done yet is leave my debit card behind...luckily I heard the drive through lady yelling after me so I was able to park and retrieve it lol (thank the Lord she was a college student too so she didn't laugh to hard at me)! I'm also from the Atlanta area too and I haven't unintentially ended up in Macon yet but I do know about struggling on the Highways! Oh and I work at a preschool so I could share some childcare stories but I'll spare you! Anyway I hope you have a great week and find some time to sleep!

Lindsee said...

That absolutely cracked me up. You went to the cleaners WITHOUT the clothes. Oh my. And, goat training?! Wow, girlfriend. You should teach me a few tricks to use on my school kiddos! That cracked me up, but I am glad you enjoyed it. And oh, the babysitting. If we sat down together we could really write a book called Babysitting 101. I have PLENTY of stories. Really, it's the story of my life! :)

connorcolesmom said...

Oh yes I was cracking up with you not at you - hehe
I definitely get compliments on my arms and that is from holding a 40 pound 3 yr old all the time - hehe.
I will have to go to the Atlanta Zoo now so I can see that goat bow - too funny!
And I love that God rescued you from that double shift so you could rest!
God is good!

ang baylis said...

You totally cracked me up with this one! I am a girl who definitely needs my sleep! I can't imagine twins AND a 3 year old! I am exhausted just thinking about it! I am sure you are the most loving babysitter they have had yet!

By the way... you are SO sweet to visit my blog and make comments. You have no idea how exciting it is for me to have someone interested in my little life! (I guess no matter how old we are, we can still be insecure.) Thank you very much! You made my day!

Much love, siesta!
-Angie xox

The Preacher's Wife said...

can you accidentally drive to alabama and goat train my kids??



Patty said...

You cracked me up with this!! I need to know, did you drive back and get your fries and coke? LOL!! You are a woman of many talents!!

Travis said...

Shell... give me a break on my blog already. I haven't even done anything to it yet. And how the heck did you find it? I haven't told any one that it is there.



jenny said...

All roads lead to Macon, GA. It's the center of the universe (according to my mother)!

Kristen said...

Dearest Siesta! Oh how I needed this today! Wonder if goat training would work on husbands? tee hee!

You truly are a gift and I am so excited how God is using you! I cannot wait to see what the future holds! Keep loving Jesus!

jennyhope said...

Girl that is so hilarious! I do often forget to feed myself i am so tired.

Boy & Girl said...

I cannot stop crackin up you girl! I love that you went to the cleaners handing out imaginary clothes!! Don't you love those instances where you embarrass yourself and you know you've made an employees day by giving them a story to shout to everyone they know. I'm pretty well known at Mickey D's for ordering, paying and then driving off without picking it up.

NspiredByFaith said...

If you leave out the college part, this sounds like one big redneck might be a redneck if you train your goats and your kids with the same methods...(or something along those lines!) Thanks for the laugh!


Sue said...

Hello Shelly,
I just had to tell you hubby was checking out my blog and he saw you and looked at your blog. He says, "hey do you think she would write Matt?!"
He's our son in the Air Force!

That's a Dad for you, looking for a good Christian girl for his son!!

Linda said...

Well, kids are indeed a lot like goats. I'll leave it at that. Sounds like you did a great job!

Janelle & Ella said...

LOL! This is hilarious! Every point made me laugh harder.
It is true, that having a baby is definitely a work out, but I can't imagine taking care of three! That's a whole other realm.