Tuesday, July 17, 2007

He will be Wonderful

"Why do you ask my name, seeing as it is wonderful?" Judges 13:18

(Preface: Y'all. I'm so sorry, but I cannot yet write what the Lord is stirring in my heart with my current reading in Judges. He has got me in a tizzy over Samson (aka - the Fabio of the OT as Lisa says at The Preacher's Wife, to which I about fell off my bed laughing). My head has been spinning for days, trying to connect the spiritual dots of what He is speaking to me, and I am not there. There is TOO much! I trust He will get it through my thick head in His timing. So until then, I'll precede with the following.)

Can I invite you for a dose of up-close and personal glimpses into my ever-dramatic Jesus life? For those of you who don't know, I have had a burning passion to attend seminary for the past couple of years. I have not been able to get out of Georgia Tech fast enough so that I could take my Bible, Greek and Hebrew flash cards that I bought months ago, and highlighters to seminary as my new BFF's. (Well, okay...my bff Mandy is there already!) I have not yet opened my flash cards because I am waiting for the perfect moment of sitting at my new desk, unraveling the package, and actually knowing what to do with my new crisp white cards. I know - I'm clearly a nerd, and I have just embraced it. (It really works better if you just do girls...). I am very aware that I can learn about my dear Jesus anywhere, and in my opinion, He really is the greatest Teacher of them all. There's nothing I love more than sitting at His feet, throwing all the commentaries and online tools aside, and just listening for Him to speak.

But I believe with Him instilling this passion in my heart, He has commanded me to go. After much prayer, I made the decision to attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston this upcoming fall. I am to leave in approximately one month to be a pretend yankee :)

The kicker? Get ready for this...I have NO money! Hahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!! (I am giggling as I write this.) My job this summer that I had hoped would allow me to get myself there this year has not come anywhere close to meeting those hopes. It was pitiful. And since my Dad passed away several years ago, we are just now getting our feet back on any ground. I think my LORD may have aligned it to be just so though. Because in these circumstances, I have the privilege of knowing that the LORD my God IS God.

I have stepped back the past few days in laughter over my Jesus. He has called me to move to Boston, go to seminary, and all of this without a dime to my name. I told Him that I can't wait to see how He intends to pull this one off. He's got a big 'problem' on His hands that He has to take care of! He must be faithful to Himself, His Word, and His children. And He will not fail me (Joshua 1).

I know that because of the wonders of His person, even if I am unable to go to seminary, this would still not be Him failing me. Wherever He leads me, it will still be the best possible place and season that He could be glorified, and is in my best interest. He is always for showing His glory - He is a Jealous God. So I want to make sure I'm there getting to witness it.

At this time, He has not released my spirit to stop believing Him for the impossible - to be my Jehovah Jireh in a big way. Consequently, I am continuing to believe that I will set foot on that campus come early September. But you know what makes my heart dance sisters? The fact that even if I don't, I'll be setting foot exactly where He wants me to be anyway. He is Wonderful. And nothing is impossible for Him: Be it dropping money from the spiritual bank itself to get me there OR making sure that nothing thwarts His purposes for me, and keeping seminary out of the picture to ensure just that.

Moses only had a staff. David only had a slingshot. And the disciples only had five loaves and two fish. How long must it be before we realize our "only" is the very thing He has intentionally left us with, so that He could do the impossible in our lives. Our "only" is the very thing that allows us the privilege to know Him more in ways we would not have prior. Our "only" is the very thing that keeps us aware of the pauper state of our souls, and the everlasting love of God.

I wanted you siestas to know what was going on, only because I want you to be able to rejoice with me in about a month. I want you to be bragging with me about my Jesus because He is going to be doing some mighty big showing off. Be it financial provision, or setting my ever prone-to-wander feet somewhere else in the paths He has!

"Why do you ask my name, seeing as it is wonderful?" Judges 13:18

We cease asking LORD. Because time and time again, I know You to be Wonderful.

My "only" is Your's...


Teri said...

All David has was a slingshot and some stones...and obedience. You GO girl! I live by this motto, "If it's Gods will, it's God's bill." He is FAITHFUL. He will provide. I am SO excited for you. BTW, yankees so totally ROCK!

jennyhope said...

Teri is cracking me up with if it is Gods will its Gods bill. I love you girls so much. Okay let me just stand with you in belief! Girl, the LORD has provided for me in so many freak ways that it is not even funny. We don't have the time to even get into it. One thing I have asked him constantly for is to provide clothes for Morgan. As soon as I get that prayer out of my mouth when we start to run out of her size i get a delivery from one of my friends. I seriously have had to buy her nothing. I have bought her a few dresses for church but that is it. And lets not just talk about monetary things...the Lord has had to provide and be the ENOUGH of my soul in ways that you can't imagine. He is faithful! I wish you and I had all day to brag on Him together. I have had you on my heart a lot with your daddy. much love! One day you and I are going to hit the road together to share about our Jesus!! ha ha!!
Jenny williams, pelham al

jennyhope said...

i heard there was a generic CHI. do you think it is any good?

Liz said...

You have a beautiful heart for the Lord, I can see in your posts.

God is so faithful, I have seen it over and over in my life. God called me to go to Bible school right out of highschool. I had never been away from home. I had NO money. He provided. God asked me to go overseas the summer after my first year at school. I knew I wouldn't be able to work if I went. I wasn't going to have the money to return to school in the fall. I stepped out in faith...God provided every penny I needed to go back after spending my time overseas. He is amazing!! He is Jehovah Jireh!!

Those years I spent studying God's Word intently were some of the hardest, most stretching, most awesome years. I would relive them over and over. I am so blessed to have been able to spend so much quality time at my Savior's feet. My hunger for Him has continued to grow since then.

Your outlook is refreshing. You are trusting the Lord...His plan will be accomplished in your life and it will be perfect.

God bless! Ps. 46:10

Lyndy said...

You truly have such a heart for the Lord and I am always so encouraged by your posts.

I am so excited for you and I will be praying for you too.


mandy said...

hey friend!
as He always comes through in your life, He's gonna do it again! and i can't wait to see how!!! you just get here as fast as you can & we'll feed you....
love you & can't wait to see your face on this campus.
praise HIM!
and... yes, you ARE His favorite!

.insignificantly significant. said...

I have not stopped thinking about you since talking to you and then reading this last night.

Oh, I am asking Jesus to reveal His Majesty in you. Isn't it a blessing that we are so gloriously small and He is so indescribably BIG?

Fight for His Heart. He is the only Deliverer.

Janelle & Ella said...

The "only" really spoke to me. You are so right. God definitely will use the "only" in our lives to do amazing things.
I can't wait to keep up with this exciting next month of your life.

Anonymous said...

Hey siesta,
I see your face everywhere I go on this blog and I had to finally stop by! That's so neat that you and Mandy are real life friends,lol! I loved your last post it brought a tear to my eye! I love to read other siestas blogs who love the Lord in an extreme way! I can't wait to see how the Lord leads and provides for you! Keep us posted! Blessings!

Lisa said...

God will provide....I don't know if you have read my blogs and know a little about me but we moved about a month ago due to a fire. My payment now is $100 more than the previous house. The bills still rollin' as usual but i know God would not have blessed me with this house in 4 days after the fire if he wasn't going to see me through. We can rejoice together when we see what he's up to....lol

Lisa.....(I have a Purpose)

Jen said...

He will provide!

Amanda said...

I will be praying for you!

Linda said...

What a great post. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Just one of those days. I know the Lord can take care of.

Sharon said...

If we had everything figured out and had all the resources we need at our hands---where would God's goodness and glory have a place to outshine the devil?
I am in the same boat with you.
Only my school money is house money.
I am constantly being reminded of the story in the old testament where God sent away the warriors until they were down to 300. You know the story.
God wanted to make sure when the battle was won--it was for His glory not mans.
So we will gladly live on the edge. Ready to step out into midair. Because we know that if our God says jump---He is going to catch us in a mighty incredible way!
This world is all about giving a little light to the darkness--there need to be a few of us who are willing to walk by faith so that our lives call HIS people to shout praises to His great, incredible name!
In God's name. :)

Kelly S. said...

You a yankee???? well that will take some pretending, but I am sure everyone will love you!!

I have been wondering about your final decision, and I am so excited for you and will be praying for you. I can't wait to find out what happens.....I am beliving HIM with you. (Just did the "I'm believing God " sign)
Love you!!

Kristen said...

Hallelujah Siesta! God will provide. He has a calling over your life and is placing you where He wants you. He is faithful!

What a beautiful campus...can't wait to hear about your new adventures in the Lord!

I made a huge job change a few years back that was totally led by the Lord. I left a job where I had a base salary, commission, car paid for, cell phone paid for, great health insurance to become self employed. It was a huge leap of faith and although there have been times that I have been tested - God is always faithful and has always provided. BELIEVE HIM - Because He is believable!

PS: Is an Indiana girl considered a Yankee? :)

MelanieJoy said...

I read your post this morning before heading out to work. It has reminded me all day at how faithful God has been in my life. I went back to school in my early 30's and like you I didn't have a dime. Didn't have a clue how I would pay for it....I graduated (from undergrad) not owing a penny. I did have a little bit of help toward the end from my earthly father. Let me tell you it was my Heavenly Father that did it!!!! I would try to add things up at the end of the month and couldn't figure out how but the bills were all paid. I remember one Sunday going to the alter to pray and when I sat back down found 30$ in my Bible....to this day I don't know who did that. I had told know one of my money status. God is good and faithful!! I stand in the gap with you (and the rest of our Siestas) praying and believing!!!


Christina said...

I love how you gush over Jesus. It's so incredibly awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us...we will so totally be praising God for this one...no matter how it ends up.

My only is Your's.....absolutely beautiful. This thought will stick. :-)

Boy & Girl said...

Oh Girl I can't wait for what he will unfold for you in the next month. Do keep us up to date and we will so be bragging your story while jumping for joy!!

Debra said...

We are here for the ride...The adventure of our life as we follow his lead. His stories are always amazing. That is what we are banking on, right?

connorcolesmom said...

God will provide - Jehovah Jirah!!
He is true
He is faithful
He is loving
He is kind
His plans are always better than ours!
I love that you know all of that and trust that no matter what it is His plan and you are willing and obedient!!
God bless you!
I am looking forward to how He will provide and where He will send you!!

Lindsee said...

You are a wise woman, Shelly. One that I would love to sit and study the bible with!

I am praying for something HUGE. And I can't wait to see what it is!

Love you, special sister!


Abby said...

ps if He redirects you, i think it will be to nashville to live with me and laura. :D

tammy.in.minn. said...

God Bless you Shelly and we will all be praying for you in the coming months ahead. If you do not end up in Boston, please think about coming to Minnesota to meet my younger brother and marry him. I would love to have you around all the time. ha ha


Shelly said...

Tammy!!!! I don't know how else to comment to you except by posting back here.
Your comment cracked me up so much that I have clearly disrupted the quiet roles of the Starbucks I'm currently doing some things in.
Who would've thought that I could get married via this crazy Jesus blog world!?

Amy Kate said...

Ok now I'm laughing with you because somehow I missed this post...until now. I've wanted to attend this certain school for a long time now and God flat out said no. You know the story, a few weeks ago He opened up the opportunity for me to go (not the way I had planned but still so that I could). I've been thrilled about it...until today when I filled out those loan apps and then "holy cow" of fear jumped upon me lol. I had to pray about it, and I'm trusting in Him for it too. I'm right there with ya girl, I'll be praying with you over this. If He wants you there He will provide. Someone once told me "God's rarely early,but He's never late. He's always right on time."

Jeremy & Heather said...

Just read this post! WOW! Right now we are in between jobs (ministry jobs) and we have been wondering what God has been up to for the last 9 months. We have a couple dimes to our name but not much more than that and then bam youngest fell down the stairs two nights ... there went those two dimes. Hubby is in seminary - GC Has an extension campus here. But thanks for reminding that God is our provider!Thanks! We will keep you in our prayers as you begin!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for you, Shelly! I have family in Boston, if you get to a place where you need some contacts, perhaps they can help. Even so, "My God is so Big and strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do--for YOU!"
Love and prayers,