Monday, July 2, 2007


Y'all. My Boston best girlfriend Mandy had a humorous song linked on her worship blog tonight. Check it out here. Just click to play. It totally made me laugh.

(Disclaimer: I know the 'yah' does not mean Lord, since it's not Hebrew, but it still made me laugh)

PS - I promise I've got a rhema coming soon; Jesus has just been dealing with it in my own heart first (which can take some time in between blog posts). And I make it a point to never write something to you that He has not worked through and through with me first. It just would not be fair in siesta land!

I love you girls! (And I can officially say, 'guys' now too! I've got a few braves souls out there!) :)


jennyhope said...

love rhema!
hey i am all about the pledge and the fact the vacuum is a permanent fixture...i never put it up because i vacuum EVERY day! I am not kidding. As far as laundry goes I wash everyday! I use downy april nice!!! LOL

connorcolesmom said...

That song remix of kumbayah (sp?) was so funny!!
I look forward to the rhema!

Lisa said...

The Kumbayah bit is hilarious. I especially like the take on Springsteen.
I'm looking forward to the rhema too. Hey, I love everything you post. You are such an inspiration to me.

mandy said...

OH! thank you for the plug - that's why you're my bff.

Kelly S. said...

Looking forward to the rhema. Take your time sista and let the Lord do His thing.

ps. You do need to read Idol Eyes (per LPM), and Savannah from Savannah!!
Love You,